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Inspector Walker's Blog October 2020

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The big news over this period is the arrival of the Op Reacher team on the City South.

The team, a Police Sergeant and initially four Police Constables, landed on the 5 October and as I have mentioned previously this is a really positive addition to the neighbourhood team allowing us to be more pro-active.

A week of action was organised to coincide with the Op Reacher team landing and I have waited to do my blog as I wanted to include some detail of that activity.

The team, in conjunction with the neighbourhood teams executed five warrants at six addresses in five days.

The warrants were spread across the city south with two in the Meadows, three in St Ann's and one in Sneinton. Class A drugs including heroin and cocaine, cannabis and two ‘tasers’ were all seized as part of the activity so it was a really successful first week.

This month the City South has received some additional funding to tackle knife crime and this will be used to support additional work targeted at known knife crime offenders.

The City South has not experienced any significant breach of the COVID regulations with no hot spots highlighted and no parties. I like to think the multi-agency work undertaken previously has helped although I am sure the weather has also played a part.

I was saddened when I heard that a 71-year man was knocked over by an off road bike being driven dangerously on a Southchurch Drive in Clifton and suffered serious injuries.

The bike is believed to be one of several that had been riding around the Clifton estate that day in an anti-social and dangerous manner. The rider of the bike also suffered serious injuries and the offence is being investigated by the force's Serious Collision team.

The neighbourhood team are looking to identify any of those riding off road bikes in the area on that day in an effort to take any available legal action and prevent further incidents occurring.

The City South priorities currently remain as serious violence, drugs and acquisitive crime.

Serious Violence

Violence with injury is down by 5.3% across the city south compared to the same period last year and significantly there have been no confirmed stabbings during September and the first two weeks of October.


The issue of drugs continues to be highlighted as a problem for the community and often linked to antisocial behaviour and acquisitive crime. We are committed to listening to community concerns and acting upon what we are told, obtaining and executing nine warrants in the last four weeks.

We have executed warrants with the Op Reacher team at Hawthorne Close and Kelso Gardens in the Meadows both of which were successful.

Drugs warrants were executed at Barbury Drive and Havenwood Rise in Clifton during September which resulted in the seizure of Class A drugs.

In St Ann's warrants were executed on 25 September at Westgate and Abbotsford Drive and whilst no drugs were found on this occasion, one of the persons present was charged and remanded for previous offences of drug supply.

Around 1kg of a substance believed to be amphetamine was seized from an address on Morley Avenue in St Ann's on the 4 October along with a large amount of cash. A man present was arrested for possession with intent to supply and an investigation commenced.

Further warrants were executed in St Ann's during the week of action warrants were executed at Hazelbank, Plantagenet and Corby Road resulting in heroin and cannabis being seized consistent with supply and two arrests being made.

Acquisitive Crime

Burglary, theft and vehicles offences have all seen a decrease compared to the same period last year.

We are urging residents, particularly the elderly, to be vigilant after two males purporting to be from the gas board entered a property around the Sneinton Dale area on the 12 October.

They were wearing face masks and showed no ID, the occupant became suspicious and told them to leave.

Additionally, we are working with the Co-Op to pilot a new scheme at the store in the Meadows which will hopefully reduce offending and officer time in relation to taking reports.