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Inspector Neil Bellamy's Blog: August & September 2020

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I have combined August and Septembers Blog updates as I took a period of leave and while the job carried on – it did so without me – some may say not necessarily a bad thing.

August and September have essentially seen the number of incidents being dealt with by my teams return to pre Covid lockdown levels.

Antisocial Behaviour has seen increases although many of these are as a result of breaches being reported regarding the Health Emergency Legislation, and provides an anomaly that should return to normal levels when the pandemic and Government measures cease.

Crime in general is showing fewer incidents than last year, however, much of that is as a result of the period in which the country went into lockdown where even the criminals took a break to a degree is now seen in the statistics.

As I mentioned in my last update the incidence of off-road nuisance continues unabated and the team endeavour to patrol the areas identified as hot spots when they are able with some updates in the text below.I continue my work with the Local Authority and Community Safety Team in terms of the continuing measures that remain in place; however we will always endeavour to Engage, Explain and Encourage compliance before we resort to Enforcement.

You will see that my teams across Bassetlaw have once again been busy with a many and varied array of issues from poaching through to county lines drug dealing.

So some updates from Bassetlaw:

From The North Team – Sergeant Simon Whitehouse

The first thing to mention in this update is the arrest of Noah Peet for possession of an Offensive Weapon in a Public place.  Officers were sent a short video clip by a member of the Public which showed Peet in possession of a large machete.  Peet was swiftly arrested by Officers and put straight before the Court.  Peet received a prison sentence of 8 weeks suspended for 1 year for being in Possession of a Bladed article.   Offences of this nature are acted upon as soon as possible and dealt with seriously by the Court system.

Following calls over several days regarding a motorcycle being ridden recklessly around the Gladstone Street area, Officers managed to stop and seize the motorcycle, detaining and dealing with the rider.  Our Beat Officers have recently assisted the Council ASB team with a Partial Closure of a flat on the Sandy Lane estate.  The address has been the source of many complaints regarding ASB and Disorder which has been a constant nuisance for local residents.  This action will prevent future incidents occurring. 

PC Storor has been involved in two recent vehicle pursuits leading to the arrest of the driver in each.  Both drivers have since been interviewed and will be prosecuted for Dangerous driving along with other matters.   PC Storor is also our resident Speed Detection Device (Speed gun) trainer who has been busy training Special Constables in the use of the device.  Now fully trained, they will be deployed regularly to local speeding hotspots in order to address our FATAL 4 priorities.

Late September saw the off road motorcycle team attend the area and patrols were conducted around Clumber Park targeting ASB and motoring offences caused by off road vehicles, this involved riders being stopped, educated and warned regarding their activities. The opportunity was also taken to engage with local businesses and the public regarding social distancing. Carlton in Lindrick was also patrolled; more patrols will be conducted as further hot spot areas have been identified.

From The South Team – Sergeant Rob Holmes

Worksop South neighbourhood team began the month of August trialling their new ‘pop up’ surgery at Clumber Park. Ensuring we were familiar with the kit, consisting of a gazebo, banners and folding table. The kit will provide opportunities looking forward to conduct mobile contact points in villages and outlying areas.

On the same day 2nd Aug, our new member of the team PC Rob Oakey arrested local female Rebecca Taylor who had been recalled to prison for breaches her conditions. The 11th Aug saw our team assisted by a specially trained drugs dog carry out two warrants in the Manton area. Both houses and person within were searched thoroughly.

On the 12th Aug in Manton officers stopped a male driver, Karl Gibson and arrested him following a road side drug test failure.  The passenger Glynn Fox was reported for summons for being in possession of drugs after running off and being detained by two community support officers. Our team made other arrests in connection with Domestic Violence, a male threatening to stab an elderly resident and a violent assault and on the 27th our team paid a visit to Ranby prison and conducted a gate arrest for Ben Brightmore on request of Police Scotland. Brightmore had two outstanding warrants for the Scottish courts and wasn’t happy about a long trip up to Scotland.Increased patrols in the Manton areas have been completed under the guise of ‘Operation Scorpion’ which has been developed to tackle knife crime offences.

We have also continued patrols in the rural areas, not forgetting their plight from Off road motorcycles and quads. In an attempt to deter them from usual routes officers are patrolling with a view to seize and recover.September has been a relatively quiet month in relation to our Worksop South Neighbourhood team as most of our team took well-earned leave as they had been working throughout the usual holiday period. However, we continued with our regular monthly surgery at Morrison’s meeting shoppers and discussing their particular concerns. (You can see us there every 2nd Tues of the month) We also made several arrests of local males including: - Gary Perkins for Burglary - Gavin Spooner for breach of Court Bail, and finally Nigel Bradford for numerous shoplifting offences.

From The East Bassetlaw Team – Sergeant Sam Pearson

The last couple of months have been really busy for the East Bassetlaw NPT with some great results.

As a result of information from the public that there was a heavy smell of cannabis coming from a property.  When we attended we discovered a few kilos of cut ready to go cannabis.  A male has been interviewed and the investigation remains on-going.  That same week we received information that a couple of males had taken over an address in Retford to deal drugs.  Very quickly officers from NPT attended and we discovered that the address had been ‘cuckooed’, which is a criminal enterprise used by County Lines drug dealers.  The address had been completely taken over, the resident forced to reside elsewhere whilst they bought in a young male to deal the drugs.  This had links to South Yorkshire and the Metropolitan Police areas.  We quickly got the place secured by the council, arrested the male inside in possession of drugs and took back the address.The same individuals who had had been instrumental in the ‘cuckooing’ of the Retford address were then linked to a kidnap of a female in Retford the following week.  This again was to do with them trying to take over another address in Retford.The female was found safe and well and the males were subsequently arrested and charged with two being remanded into custody. 

Media appeals have been published in order to make the general public aware of these issues and we have now commenced Operation PINBALL which will focus on drug activity within Retford and County Lines issues.

East Bassetlaw NPT were also been involved in an incident involving a vehicle on cloned plates.  The vehicle had stopped so officers made an attempt to detain the occupants when they decided to ram the Police vehicle and make off.  They were subsequently detained hiding in a garden, with one male being remanded on a recall to prison and the other charged to youth court.

The team have worked tirelessly on a female who constantly rings the emergency services and has also assaulted officers in the past.  We were able to obtain a criminal behaviour order which prevents her from calling unless it is for a genuine need.  She has continued to call the Police and has now breached her order eight occasions resulting in her being summonsed to court.

Joel Kemp who had been causing issues in Retford Town centre for a while yesterday received 9 months in custody for 17 shop thefts. He was also charged with possession of drugs and so will be in HMP over the Christmas period!

Drugs and drug-related activity

Advice on what to do if you have been affected by drug abuse or you wish to report drug-related activity in your area.

I have found some drugs – what should I do?

If you have found prescription or illegal drugs, please call Nottinghamshire Police on our 101 non-emergency number to arrange for an officer to collect them as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also hand these in at your nearest police station.