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Inspector Neil Bellamy's Blog: October 2020

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Bassetlaw continues to present the Neighbourhood Team with challenges, and the Team itself continues to evolve with staff joining and leaving as we endeavour to provide service in these continuing challenging times.

October has seen the inception of Operation Reacher, and the Team, based in Bassetlaw at Worksop Police Station, has started with a Sergeant and four Police Constables, and by December will have a complement of six.The Team are essentially there to help me respond to emerging trends, back up the Neighbourhood Team with warrant execution and also be an engagement team as well as providing a Divisional search capability.You will hopefully have seen references to Operation Reacher as they have assisted with a number of warrants and have been updating on the Facebook Pages for Bassetlaw, and that will continue as the team develops.The inception of that team has seen two of my officer’s leave, PC Fenton onto the Bassetlaw Reacher Team, and PC Ryan to the Newark and Sherwood Reacher Team.The officers have been replaced by PC Pettit on the South Team at West Bassetlaw and PC Smallman on the North with both officers coming to us from Response Policing.

Their learning curve may be a little steep in the first instance albeit they bring experience to this role from their previous positions.

So some updates from Bassetlaw:

From The North Team – Sergeant Simon Whitehouse

The Team have been active in continuing to target road related offences, a number of uninsured vehicles have been seized under Operation Rustproof and penalty notices issued accordingly, and drivers who are driving motor vehicles under the influence of drink and/or drugs have also been apprehend with a number awaiting blood results to be returned and others being charged to court for failing to provide samples.Officers have been involved in a number of pursuits, one of which was brought to an end in the water meadows area, three suspect’s detained, stolen vehicle and drugs recovered. In addition, work with the Operational Support Roads Policing Team has resulted in a large number of stops and continues to make life more difficult for road using criminals as the message gets out that we do have the capability to pursue vehicles in our area and we will deny criminals the use of our roads and stop them from placing innocent members of the public at risk.

Covid 19 has been at the forefront recently and officers have been speaking to members of the community, and there have been dedicated Op Bion patrols and officers have attended at multiple addresses and venues in response to the concerns reported by the public.

High visibility patrols have been conducted by PCSOs on their allocated areas, targeting ASB and attending disputes. They have been liaising with the council ASB teams and the environmental teams regarding individuals / areas that require attention and some have started to prepare for the return of the Police Cadets, working on ways to make meetings and locations suitable with regards to the current Covid situation.

PC Fenton has moved on to join the Op Reacher team that has now joined the area and has immediately made an impact on the area by carrying out warrants.

Metal theft action week has seen a number of scrap metal locations visited as part of a national effort to engage and enforce.

PC Randall was invited to attend Norbridge Academy with SEIO PC Jeffree to deliver an internet safety presentation to year six students. This seems to have been well received and addressed issues that had been highlighted by teaching staff regarding the potential for students to become victims and perpetrators of crimes.

ASB continues to be a priority with night’s drawing in and the approach of bonfire night, NPT are being made aware by Nottinghamshire Fire that there continues to be a number of areas that are suffering from young people setting deliberate fires, patrols are being conducted when possible.

From The South Team – Sergeant Rob Holmes

We have assisted our North Team colleagues with a Firearms warrant in the Gateford Ave area, recovering a replica handgun and have engaged with our community regarding Covid19 issues, advising / preventing potential law breaking activity.We’re continuing trying to reduce drug dealing in the Manton area through increased patrolling and stop checks and any information the community can provide would be gratefully received.We regularly patrol the Town centre, especially on Market days meeting the community and dealing with rough sleepers and their habit of sleeping in shop doorways. Rest assured we act on this behaviour when possible.  

Rural policing hasn’t been forgotten either and we are in contact with landowners and local farmers trying to address the scourge of off road bikes and quads damaging farm land. If you have knowledge of persons conducting such activity we would like to hear from you and if caught we will seize your bike/quad and look at prosecution.  PC Lee Ryan left to the Newark area allowing a new member of our team PC Karl Pettit to slot in as a replacement. Karl is an experienced officer who most recently had been working on response duties. 

From The East Bassetlaw Team – Sergeant Sam Pearson

For the last two months we have been carrying out several speed checks within Retford and the rural villages which have resulted in several motorists receiving tickets for excess speed.

The rural villages have also seen an increase in poaching and hare coursing offences due to the recent cropping.

We have attended several incidents and have detained offenders who have received either Police cautions or notices not to return to the area.  We will keep monitoring the area due to this on-going issue.Another great result for Retford’s Operation Pinball is a drug dealing line that we have now disrupted.  A 31yr old male has been recalled back to prison after being found in possession of drugs.  We are continuing to disrupt the local dealers and will frustrate their activities whenever we can!

The team have also taken several vehicles and off road motorbikes not insured or used in crime over the last month.  We have also spent time at the key locations where antisocial behaviour using off road vehicles has been an issue recently.  As a result we disrupted several Sunday’s of activity, especially on Harworth pit top where it is a regular issue.

Another good result in Harworth was the arrest of two males for burglary and theft from motor vehicles.  Paul Hancock received 28 months custodial sentence and Darren Fisher received 15months.We are now focusing yet again on COVID issues and breaches relating to clear disregard for this virus.  We are carrying out regular licencing checks to ensure all the premises are adhering to the guidelines.