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Inspector Walker's Blog - January 2021

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I would like to wish you a happy New Year and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the Christmas break.

It is fair to say that due to covid-19 it has been a relatively quiet over the festive period in comparison to other years and the City South area continues to have very few significant COVID incidents, such as large parties, with most residents adhering to the guidance which is really positive.

We have again benefitted from some additional funding as part of Op Scorpion and this has allowed nearly 150 hrs of additional policing across the area focussing on tackling serious violence through pro-active policing.This includes activity such patrolling hotspot areas and targeting those known to be involved in violence through the execution of warrants.

The Clifton neighbourhood team in conjunction with the Op Reacher team have run Op Scribbler on a number of days this month in effort to deter off road bikes and prosecute those that drive illegally. We are seeing far less report of issues with off road bikes and quads in the last few months which I think is in part attributable to the weather and in part down to the work the team having been doing with the off road bikes.

The Neighbourhood Team and the City South Reacher team executed eight warrants in December as part of Op Diagnostics an operation to tackle crime in Sneinton. In addition the Op Reacher Team made11 arrests, carried out 5 stops searches, seized £14k and submitted 28 pieces of intelligence across the City South area.

Serious Violence

On 17 December an incident occurred on Hardstaff Road on Sneinton where a 17-year-old man received a stab wound, the injuries were not life altering or life threatening. The incident is being investigated by CID and two suspects have been arrested and are currently on police bail. We take any knife incidents extremely seriously and we work hard to tackle the causes of knife crime and bring any offenders to justice.

The St Anns neighbourhood team became aware of a man who was wanted for a firearms offence and stabbing in another force.

The man was well known locally as we had dealt with him previously for drug supply in the area. He was tracked down and arrested by the team – a really good arrest, removing a dangerous offender from our area.


We have seen a notable decrease in the drugs activity in the Meadows area following all the police enforcement around drugs coming into, and being supplied from the area. This is really positive and we hope the community have also noticed the difference. That said, we are committed to tackling drugs in the area and recognise that there still work to do.Across the City South during December we executed a total eight warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act seizing drugs and cash in the process.

Acquisitive Crime

A prolific shop lifter who committed 41 crimes stealing gift sets, food and makeup from a number of shops during 2020 has been jailed. The majority of the incidents took place across Clifton and Ruddington from September 2020 and the man was given a deferred sentence after appearing in court in December.

However, he went onto commit further shop thefts following his sentence and was arrested again by Clifton beat team on 29 December 2020. Aaron Kelly, 31, of no fixed address was charged with a further 10 offences. He was remanded to appear at Nottingham Crown Court on 30 December 2020 and received a 26 week sentence.