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Inspector Walker's Blog February 2021

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January has been a tough month for the Neighbourhood Team with many of the team testing positive for COVID at some point, however crime levels were low and together we were able to keep on top of the incidents being reported.

I am pleased to say that many of the officers have now returned to work and we are pretty much back to normal. The team were really pleased to be able to do their bit to tackle the pandemic by supporting the vaccination centre at the Forest Rec and all have commented on the positive reception from both the public and the NHS.

We continue to be committed to tackling drugs and serious violence in the area and throughout January we have executed 8 drugs warrants targeted at those individuals that are harming our community. We have had some really good results including a seizure in excess of 150 wraps of Class A from Beardsley Gardens in the Meadows and a firearm and drugs from an address on Botany Avenue in St Anns. Arrests were made in both cases with a male being charged and remanded in relation to the firearm and an investigation ongoing for the drugs in the Meadows.

Whilst crime generally has reduced during the COVID pandemic we have seen an increase in the number of reports in relation to neighbour disputes across the area. This is due to the fact that people are in the homes more than they would be ordinarily and in a large number of cases the issue is noise related. I would ask people to be respectful and tolerant to their neighbours during this tough time and we get through this together.

Following some good multi-agency work between the Community Protection and the police, a male from Clifton has been sentenced to 9 months in custody at his committal hearing for 74 breaches of his injunction for noise and verbal abuse towards his neighbours when he was drunk.

Lastly, we have two new officers joining the team Pc Millington will be based at St Anns having previously undertaken an attachment with the team and Pc Wong will be based at Sneinton – two very welcome additions to the team.

Turning to the area priorities:

Serious Violence

The knife crime team has doubled in size, with another team being established and based at Mansfield which will mean we will be seeing more of the knife crime team in the City South area.

On the afternoon of the 22nd of January officers were quickly on the scene and arrested a 15 year old boy on suspicion of possessing a knife following a report of youths chasing one another on Windmill Lane. An investigation into this matter is currently ongoing,

CID are investigating a robbery in Clifton where a male was punched in the face and stabbed in the leg whilst in his car. Incidents such as this are rare in the area and we devote significant resources to the investigation to identify and apprehend those responsible.


As mentioned previously we have executed 8 drugs warrants across the area, drugs continues to be a priority as it is intrinsically linked with many other crimes and taking a strong approach to drugs impacts on other areas.

On the 21st January, the St Anns neighbourhood Policing team, along with the Operation Reacher team executed a drugs warrant at an address on  Botany Avenue. During the search a converted firearm was recovered along with some drugs. The male occupant was arrested and has been charged and is currently on remand awaiting trial.

Another warrant was conducted in the High Cross Leys complex following concerns from residents after a quantity of controlled drugs had been found secreted in a communal area. Following a search a small quantity of drugs were recovered and the investigation continues.

Two warrants have been executed in Wilford in relation to drug dealing around the Toll bridge and Ferry Inn as part of Op Rainlily. At one address on Main Road a large amount of growing cannabis plants was discovered.

Acquisitive Crime

A prolific shop lifter who was given a deferred sentence in November 2020 continued his crime spree and received 26 weeks in custody. In total he had committed 41 offences in 2020.

In the last two weeks both burglaries and robberies have remained at low levels and we continually review all incidents reported to identify any crimes spikes or trends in an effort to tackle them in the early stages.