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February blog

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I really hope that you and
your families are safe during this current national lockdown.

Your local officers continue
to work in the community engaging and explaining current Government advice in
how to stay safe.


I thought I would share
our current crime performance so year to date.

Recorded Crime Year to Date on the City West

                                    Current            Previous          Change            %Change

City West       
           5190                5955                -765                 -12%


Aspley                         1355                1610                -255                 -15%

Basford                       1380                1609                -229                 -14%

Wollaton                     495                  590                  -95                   -16

Bilborough                  1383                1523                -140                 -9%

Leen Valley                577                  625                  -48                   -7%

of Acquisitive Crime on the City West:

·       All
Burglaries (residential & commercial). Burglaries are down by 30%. So far
this year we have recorded 273 offences this year compared to 395 last year.

·       Personal
Robbery. So far this year we have recorded 44 crimes of personal robbery
compared to 56 reports during the same period last year. (-21%).

·       Auto
crime is showing a healthy 27% reduction will equates to 127 less victims. 

Social behaviour & Hate Crime

·       Unfortunately
our reports of ASB have increased by 69%. We have received 3180 reports
compared to 1979 last year.

·       Hate
crimes have reduced by 7%. We have recorded 54 crimes compared to 47 last year.

Area priorities

to the current coronavirus issue the local Policing priority setting meeting
has been delayed , but with agreement of our partners it has been agreed that
the previous set priorities will remain for the City West area.

Crime, which includes Residential Burglary, Robbery and Auto crime

Behaviour including Criminal Damage.


During the pandemic our face to face engagements
have been reduced. We continue to make best use of our social media platforms.
If you have any engagements planned in the future please let us know as we
would like to attend.

Advice guide - Home security

Nottinghamshire Police advice to help secure your home.