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Inspector Neil Bellamy's Blog: February 2021

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This has been a short month and there has been limited activity conducted by my Teams albeit the Sergeants still manage to fill a few lines about the actions of their Officers and Staff.

Operation Reacher has seen two of its officer’s move off the team to a newly formed Knife Crime Team for the County, and as such they will be returning to Worksop from time to time to tackle any emerging trends that may arise with regards to violence and knife crime.

A recruitment process has taken place, and I expect the replacements to be in post by the beginning of April at the latest so will update that in a subsequent Blog.The weather has been improving after what felt like the last blast of winter, and there is the prospect of lockdown easing as the global pandemic is stymied in its tracks by the vaccination program nationally and internationally.

I have regular meetings with my counterparts in Environmental Health and the Local Authority and will keep an eye on any emerging trends, and my team continue to visit the vaccination sites to provide visual reassurance.

I personally look forward to returning to a more normal existence, but continue to encourage people to follow the rules so we do not falter on this path.

The North Team

The team have been busy this month tackling various emerging issues ranging from ASB to Burglary. 

Several evenings have been spent around the Gateford Road and Town Centre area which has been victim to a spate of Commercial Burglaries.  Two recent arrests have been made in relation to these offences and we’re hopeful this will now put a stop to the problem. 

The Norwood Flats area has seen an increase in reported ASB which has prompted a patrol plan to be implemented by the team.  This has led to more time being spent in the evening to target those causing issues.  The problems relate to youth nuisance as well as vehicle nuisance and drugs issues.  We are also working with the Council ASB team to tackle the problem.

Carlton in Lindrick has seen an increase in youth related ASB which has also prompted more patrols.  Several youths have been identified as possibly involved and the team are following up with visits to parents.Several speeding operations are planned in over the next month and we will be covering the areas where we are currently seeing complaints from local residents.  We will update on Facebook following each operation. 

In addition to the above, proactive Policing continues and the team have made several arrests.  These include one male for a Burglary Dwelling offence, six for Drug Driving offences and several others for Possession of drugs offences. 

The South Team

Some extreme cold and snowy weather saw my Worksop South and Town Centre team ‘wrapping up’ to deal with vehicles stuck in snow, staffing local surgeries to ensure the Covid vaccination programme ran smoothly whilst still enforcing the Covid Lockdown.

We also continued to disrupt criminals by making some good arrests and putting those criminals before the courts.On the 2nd we attended an address on Cheapside seizing numerous stolen items ranging from washing tablets to game station controllers. We also found drugs. Subsequently the occupants are being prosecuted for Handling stolen goods and cannabis possession.

On the 5th local criminal was arrested by our Town Centre Beat manager Glenn Turner for 10 Shop thefts. The individual is pending court hearing and prison. Also on the 5th another male was arrested for failing to attend court (Not a good idea as a warrant will be issued) 

On the 10th PC Christina Stanford arrested  a recidivist shoplifter for 5 shop thefts – at the time of writing this she is wanted for failing to attend court.

On the 12th Feb and we assisted  our ‘Op Reacher’ colleagues arresting a wanted male for breaching a court order - with him being found hiding in a caravan.

And on the 19th Feb PC Glenn Turner arrested a male for shop theft and then a day later another male for ten shop thefts. The trial of the latterly has been set for August.

Finally on the 22nd Feb another male was arrested for breaching a court order.So all in all a productive month – Looking forward with the onset of better weather and less Covid restrictions we will concentrate efforts of the challenging ‘off road motorcycle’ problem, uninsured  driving and the habitual thieving and drug use in Town.   

The East Team

The better weather appears to have given to green light for off road enthusiasts to get on their quads and motorbikes and start to cause anti-social behaviour in our rural areas and Harworth.  Not only are individuals breaching COVID regulations they are trespassing on private land and causing a great deal of frustration within the community.Operations are planned to combat these individuals, and we will be dealing with them robustly, using COVID and ASB legislation.

We are also aware that there has been a great deal of information regarding dog thefts in the media, both on a national and local level.  This has caused a great deal of fear within the community which has been exasperated via social media.

We have continued to reassure the public that we have not had the numbers of thefts circulating on social media and that we have had no reported thefts of dog since January 2021.  We are aware of several thefts in our neighbouring areas, in South Yorkshire so we are still asking the community be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or indeed theft of their pets.

My team are still continuing to look at those who are growing cannabis and deal in drugs.  This has resulted in a female from Harworth being charged with being concerned in the supply of Class B drug and possession with intent to supply cannabis and amphetamine.

Drug supply and use continue to be our focus and we urge the public to contact the Police or Crimestoppers if they have any information regarding individuals and premises being used to deal drugs

The Retford team have again been successful in the eviction and closure of a problematic property.  Working with the ASB team at the local council the closure was granted much to the relief of the local residents were blighted by anti-social behaviour which was totally unacceptable.

We will continue to apply for further closures in conjunction with the council at other properties in the area, so who will be next?