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Inspector Paul Ferguson's blog: November 2021

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Hello and welcome to my November blog.

It has been a busy month but the team have
been working incredibly hard and had some fantastic results.

During October, there were a number of thefts
from vehicles particularly around the Forest Fields, New Basford and Sherwood
Rise beat areas. Following some great work, response officers detained a male
who they witnessed trying car door handles. He was arrested and when searched
was found in possession of items which had been stolen from other vehicles. He was
subsequently charged, remanded and sentenced at court for these offences.

On top of the above, another make was also
charged and sentenced for similar offences after being found in possession of
stolen items. He was sentenced to 6 weeks in prison and within 12 days of
release was arrested again. This shows our commitment to tackling the issues.

Whilst we will target offenders who are
causing harm in the area, I would ask that everyone makes sure their belongings
are secure. Many of the offences committed by the males stealing from cars were
due to vehicles being left insecure with items left on display. These are
opportunist offenders, so let’s remove the opportunity from them.

The following are the current local policing

1) Serious Violent Crime

2) ASB and drugs

3) Acquisitive Crime

Below is an update on each of the areas

(November 20 – November 21 crime data):

1. Serious violent crime
Victim based crime year to date is down 1.1% from the previous 12 months and
down 15.6% from the same period before the pandemic. Violence with injury is
also down 11.4% but we have seen an increase of 11.3% of violence without

Robbery has reduced by 0.6% in the last 12
months and remains 13.7% lower than the same
period before the pandemic.

2. Drugs/ASB
Simple possession of drugs offences have increased by 10.6% (+43 offences) and possession
with intent to supply controlled drugs has increased by 16.2% (+17 offences). Although
this is an increase, it is a positive result as drug offences are recorded when
we have proactively recovered drugs, so it shows the activity we are carrying
out to tackle the issue which has resulted in a number of misuse of drugs acts
warrants being executed over recent weeks and will continue to enforce on
those who choose to use or supply drugs on the area.

ASB has seen a reduction of 2.4% over the last
12 months, but a 47.1% increase on the pre pandemic figures, Much of this is
due to the fact that COVID breaches reported during the lockdowns are included
in these figures. A number of operations for ASB hotspots are in place to reduce
the impact on the community in particular around ASDA in Hyson Green, which
resulted in a significant reduction in complaints and calls for service.

3. Acquisitive crime
Burglary year to date is down 19.6%, vehicle offences are down 18.3% and bicycle
theft is down 25.9%. We have a number of police operations in place in order to
see these crime reductions continue.  

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