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Insp Allardice's November Blog

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Hello and welcome to my November Blog.  I felt extremely proud and privileged to represent the force
and specifically the Newark & Sherwood Team at the Remembrance Parade in
Newark town centre on Remembrance Sunday. I was joined by Commissioner Caroline
Henry in laying a wreath and it was heartening to see such a great turn out
from the local community and our partner agencies to remember those who have
served and made such sacrifices for our country and the freedoms we enjoy.  Pc Bakin from the Ollerton Team was joined by
our Chief Constable at the Southwell Service and I was proud to see her looking
the part in her dress uniform and representing the team with such

  As I write this Blog I am receiving updates about the latest
COVID 19 developments, in particular the requirements around face masks in
retail settings.  Policing of the
pandemic has been challenging from the very beginning, and I never imagined
when I started my career that I would have to be involved policing such
restrictions.  I know that some people
will be feeling frustrated at the latest developments, and some may not agree
with the restrictions.  If you have
interactions with officers over COVID restriction matters please try and
remember that we are just trying to do our best, based on the government
advice, to protect us all. 

  I am sure that many people will have seen the media coverage
of the Stop the Chop protest in Newark Town Centre.  This was resource intensive for the team as
we had to carefully balance the right to peaceful protest with the rights of
the landowners to undertake lawful activities unhindered. I have policed many
protests in my career, and in my experience the police often become a target of
frustration.  I am pleased to say that on
this occasion this was not the case.  All
parties were engaging and cooperative as we carefully navigated the
situation.  I hope that those of you who
saw the media footage were as impressed as I was as to the fairness, impartiality,
knowledge and professionalism of the officers on scene.

  We are now in preparation for the run up to Christmas.  We have a number of plans in place including
a patrol plan to cover the late night shopping period, additional dedicated ASB
patrol area wide, and more officers in the town centre to cover the Christmas
party season.  I have no doubt it will be
a busy few weeks! 

 Finally, I am receiving lots of reports relating to
E-Scooters being ridden in public spaces. 
We have done a number of social media information posts relating to
this, and the response has been mixed as to the rights and wrongs of the
legislation. Ultimately the law is clear, privately owned E-scooters cannot be
ridden in public spaces.  I am aware of
collisions which have resulted in serious injury, and therefore I make no
apologies for supporting the team in taking action against those people who
flout the rules.  My request is that
unless you have somewhere private that you can legally use one of these scooters…
don’t buy one, or get one for your children. 
If you are at all unclear on the rules check out our Facebook page.  

Thanks for reading and stay safe…. Charlotte