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Inspector Mike Ebbins's blog; April 2022

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This is my second blog since taking over the role of neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Broxtowe and I have now had ample opportunity to review my policing team, strengthen our relationship with key partners and get out and about to meet the community.

So to start with couple of quick updates;

Crime updates

Broxtowe policing area continues to see a reduction in overall crime with key reductions in volume crime offences (burglary/robbery) and anti-social behaviour.

Staffing updates; we now have a new Sergeant on the proactive OP REACHER team. PS Andrew FOULDS has joined us from response policing. He brings with him a wealth of experience gained across two Police forces. Andy inherits a proactive team of officers who specialise in enforcement and finding outstanding suspects. Welcome PS FOULDS.

Priority updates; In January I set three key crime priorities for the area; these priorities were chosen after consultation with partners and the community following the quarterly crime survey. The priorities for the area were set as Burglary, Drugs and Road Crime;

BURGLARY:  I am delighted to report that there has been a significant decrease in offences in the last three months. Burglary is down 32% year to date . The success is down to quickly understanding which of our areas are being targeted and focusing our patrols in these areas. Using my team’s local knowledge we have quickly been able to identify suspects and make arrests. There have been some key arrests on the area for burglary offences in this period and our local burglary team have worked tirelessly to charge and remand these individuals, getting them off the streets of Broxtowe.


Prioritising speeding and road crime was high up on the publics agenda in the crime survey so I wanted to focus on these matters. To combat this my staff have been running a number of operations in the Broxtowe area.  OP ROADRUNNER is an ANPR led operation, stopping vehicles on our roads and disrupting road based criminality. With this a priority I have also been able to bid for additional tactical resources to supplement the local teams so we have been supported by our force knife crime team and road crime team. The results have been impressive with a number of arrests, drugs seized and vehicles taken off the roads.

The Eastwood team have been busy resurrecting the community speed watch campaign and are now actively seeking volunteers from the community. These volunteers will be taught how to conduct speed operations in their own areas. Should anyone wish to volunteer please do contact me direct and I will get in touch.

We have also focussed our attention on bike theft in the Beeston area with the regular deployment of the capture bike (bike fitted with a tracker device) and a number of bike marking events to protect the bikes.

 Road crime will remain a priority for the next three months whilst we build up our local speed watch groups and maintain efforts to make our roads safer.  My local team are working hard on a plan to tackle off road motor bikes and I look forward to attending the Nuthall councillors meeting in May to present some of the work we are doing in that area. 


In January I asked the public to tell us what was happening out there and promised that in return we would review every bit of information for opportunities to take appropriate action.  We have been inundated with crime stoppers information from the public , all of which we have been able to review and triage. Since January we have conducted 20 drugs warrants within the area resulting in a large amount of drugs being recovered and arrests made. As a result of the publics information we were also able to locate and safeguard three foreign nationals who were being exploited in large cannabis grows.  My ask is that you continue to pass on your information to my team through Crimestoppers so that we can enforce on drug dealing within the borough. 

Drug enforcement will remain a priority for the area for the next three months with the teams targeting two operations focusing on the drugs trade operating in Eastwood and Stapleford; OP HADAR in Stapleford and OP LARKSPUR in Stapleford. 

The new priority for the next three months will be THEFT

With burglary of homes decreasing in Broxtowe I would like to focus attention on shop theft, bike theft and theft of motor vehicles. In recent weeks I have spoken personally to some of the victims of these crimes and note the huge financial impact these have on our local people. The local teams and partners will now identify ways of driving crime down in these areas and I will share updates with you.  Clearly we will never take our eye off dwelling burglary’s and will ensure we continue to work closely with the detectives to seek out offenders. 

As always, for a  continued success on our area it is vital my team work closely with the public. I am always open to ideas and suggestions around initiatives so if you have ideas please let me know. Please do let me know of any events/locations where you feel my local team could visit to engage with the community.