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Apply now: Aspiring officers encouraged to fast-track their way to the frontline with new degree

May 22, 2020
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Applications are now being welcomed for aspiring police officers to fast-track their way to a career in policing, thanks to the launch of a pioneering new degree which aims to welcome graduates onto the frontline a whole year ahead of similar courses.

The two-year BA (Hons) Professional Policing (Accelerated)* degree has been developed in partnership between Nottinghamshire Police and the University of Derby and is the first of its kind in the country.

The course, which begins in September 2020, has already generated significant interest in the new approach from applicants, with more aspiring students being encouraged to apply by 30 June 2020.

Five reasons to choose the accelerated route into policing:

Chief Inspector Richard Stapleford from Nottinghamshire Police (pictured), who has helped to develop the course alongside the University of Derby, explains the benefits of the pioneering approach:

  1. Complete your degree a year ahead of similar courses

  2. “While students on other policing degrees have to wait three years before they can start earning as a frontline police officer, this new approach combines intensified classroom training with real-life experience to fast-track that just two years.“It is this combination that means we can start welcoming new recruits onto the frontline in two-thirds the time of other degrees and enable students to graduate a whole year ahead of their peers studying on longer courses.“This new approach doesn’t mean taking any shortcuts as the curriculum being followed is exactly the same as similar three-year courses – something that has been made possible by introducing an extra summer semester to fast-track the length of time students will spend in the classroom.”

  3. Save on tuition fees, accommodation and living costs

  4. “As well as graduating sooner than students on three-year courses, completing the two-year degree will enable students to save a significant amount over the course of their degree,” Chief Inspector Stapleford explains.

    “Accelerating the course to just two years means that students will be able to save on tuition fees, accommodation and living costs by graduating within two years instead of three.

    “The fast-track approach also means that students will be in the best possible position to start earning a good starting salary as a frontline police officer a year ahead of other graduates.”

  5. Get frontline experience while you study as a volunteer Special Constable

  6. “The unique make-up of the two-year course will give students the opportunity to build upon their classroom learning and gain real-world experience by joining Nottinghamshire Police as a volunteer Special Constable while they study,” the Chief Inspector adds.

    “That approach will perfectly equip aspiring officers to rise to the challenges they will face in one of the most rewarding professions of all, as well as making their CV much more appealing to prospective employers once they graduate.”

  7. Receive exactly the same training as a full-time Nottinghamshire Police officer

  8. “Those students who choose to gain front-line experience as a volunteer Special Constable with Nottinghamshire Police will also receive the same level of training as those full-time officers who are already working on the front-line across Nottinghamshire,” Chief Inspector Stapleford adds.

    “That again builds upon the classroom learning that will help make these students properly ‘patrol-ready’ by the time they graduate and give them the perfect blend of academic study, frontline experience and vocational training.”

  9. Fast-track your way to becoming a full-time police officer with Nottinghamshire Police once you graduate

  10. “In addition to all the above, students who do well in their studies and perform well as a Special Constable will be given the chance to fast-track their way to a paid role with Nottinghamshire Police when they graduate,” Chief Inspector Stapleford continues.

    “While there are no guarantees of full-time employment with Nottinghamshire Police, what we can offer to students who perform well in the classroom and on the frontline is the chance to take another step ahead of their peers when we next open our doors to new recruits once students graduate in September 2022.

    “This means that students with a track-record of good academic and operational performance will be able to skip past the traditional application process and complete the national Police Officer Recruitment Tests during the second year of their studies, giving them yet another head-start on their journey to their dream career.”

Extending the partnership between the University of Derby and Nottinghamshire Police

Professor Kamil Omoteso, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of College of Business, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Derby added: “I’m delighted that we are able to offer the first two-year Professional Policing Course at the University of Derby.

“The programme adopts an innovative approach to learning, responding to the needs of the force for flexibility in terms of delivery methodology.

“It will meet the academic requirements of the College of Policing as it integrates the knowledge skills and behaviours required by the degree into a flexible, coherent and cohesive programme in response to the needs of police forces.

“This unique opportunity to provide a two-year accelerated degree creates opportunities for students to enter the profession quicker and allows employers to engage graduates in pursuit of their recruitment strategies.

“The accelerated programme allows greater opportunity and choice for students, thereby widening participation, and allowing students to progress to work quicker. With this, the University of Derby continues to play a leading role in shaping policing education and research in the country.”

Tony Blockley, Head of Policing at the University of Derby, added: “This partnership with Nottinghamshire Police really is an opportunity to embed education into policing.

“We are excited to be the first university and police force collaboration to develop this approach; it will benefit the force, the student and ultimately the service.”

For more information and to apply

The University of Derby is now welcoming applications for the two-year BA (Hons) Professional Policing (Accelerated) degree, which is currently subject to validation by the College of Policing as one of its approved routes into policing. Applications are being welcomed by UCAS until Tuesday 30 June 2020.

For more information and to apply, visit the University of Derby website.

* The  BA (Hons) Professional Policing (Accelerated) remains subject to University of Derby and College of Policing validation.

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