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Carer stole money from highly vulnerable man

January 10, 2021
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A carer spent hundreds of pounds on fuel after stealing a vulnerable care home resident’s bank card. 

Tyra Banton went on to use the bank card more than 12 times at local petrol stations, leaving an 84-year-old wheelchair-bound victim out of pocket by more than £300. 

The victim, who sadly has now passed away, noticed his card had been taken whilst buying food at a supermarket and spotted his card wasn't in his wallet.

After the incident the man became anxious about using his bank cards and stopped. Instead, his son would provide him with cash on a weekly basis. It changed his whole routine when dealing with money.

Banton of Penrhyn Close in St Ann’s was charged with 12 counts of fraud by misrepresentation relating to the offences in August last year.

The full-time carer appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday (6 January 2021) and was sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for 12 months. 

The card was reported missing to the victim's son who reported it to the police. It was later revealed that numerous transactions under the £30 contactless limit had taken place, mainly on fuel. 

His bank was informed through the victim's son and the card was frozen and funds returned. 

Banton, 20, was arrested following a search by police officers at her house and clothing was seized from her bedroom. The clothing matched those worn by her in one of the CCTV recordings whilst committing the crime of fraud. 

Police Constable Ali Sharoon led the investigation. He said: "This was a very sad case which saw a highly vulnerable man lose money. It left him upset and it took time for him to get over the whole ordeal.

"Officers used local CCTV which showed footage of Banton filling up at different fuel stations and using the victim’s bank card. All transactions were just under £30, which meant she didn't need to have the PIN details for the bank card.

"The man had suffered with a stroke previously and was wheelchair bound and had one arm. He also had difficulty communicating due to his health.

"Banton exploited this. She was in a position of trust, but was willing to defraud the victim on several occasions for her own personal gain. 

“The care home acted responsibly, quickly recognising an issue, carrying out their own investigation and working with us on this case. If it wasn’t for their hard work and tenacity, she could well have got away with it.

"Nottinghamshire Police takes fraud and financial abuse really seriously and we investigate all reports we receive thoroughly.

"We're glad that we were able to bring Banton before the courts and that she's now been held to account for her crimes."

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