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Family speaks of ‘living nightmare’ following murder

November 20, 2020
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The family members of a man who was murdered on his first day in prison have spoken of their ‘living nightmare’ after his killer was jailed for life.

Brett Lowe, from Stapleford, was 43 when he died on Wednesday 18 July 2018 after his cell-mate assaulted him at HMP Nottingham in Perry Road in Sherwood, Nottingham.

Mr Lowe had been remanded into custody ahead of a court case after being charged with three counts of burglary.

Within 24 hours of being put into a cell with Ferencz-Rudolf Pusok, of no fixed address, he was subjected to a brutal attack and strangled with a plastic bag over his head.

Mr Lowe’s family said in a statement: “The whole family has been left devastated by the murder of our beloved family member, Brett.

“Brett was a dad, a brother, an uncle, a nephew, cousin and a friend. Our father was denied the chance of meeting his first grandchild. 

“He won’t be around to watch us grow or live his own life.

“Today’s sentencing has brought us all some closure and we can now finally move on with our lives.”

Mr Lowe’s sister Lisa Bennett said in a victim impact statement: “Brett's funeral together with memories from that day will remain with me for all time.

“The whole family is utterly devastated. How can life ever be how it was before this happened?

“Brett had three children who have to live with this nightmare. A nightmare that none of us can understand. We are constantly living with the unanswered question of 'why?' What could Brett possibly have done for him to do this?

“Brett was in prison, yes, but he was one of the most kind and caring people you could wish to meet. No one deserves to die like Brett did.

“We are trying to adapt to life without him, but we feel guilty for laughing, guilty for planning Christmases and birthdays.

“The impact of Brett's murder spreads far and wide. He leaves children, a sister, a niece, a brother-in-law, aunties and uncles. All of whom are missing him and will carry on missing him immensely. All of whom have so many unanswered questions, and will never be able to get answers.”

Pusok, who is 30, was sentenced to life in prison at Nottingham Crown Court today (20 November) after pleading guilty to murder at an earlier hearing. He will serve a minimum of 20 years.

He was serving ten weeks in prison for criminal damage, using threatening or abusive words or behaviour, leaving a train while it was in motion and resisting a police officer at the time of the attack.

Detective Inspector Rachael North, who led the investigation, said: “This was horrific and violent attack which tragically ended Brett’s life.

“Brett was much loved by his family, who must now come to terms with losing him in this terrible way.

“The investigation team worked long and hard on this case to ensure that Pusok was held responsible for his cruel and callous actions. I’m glad that we were able to put him before the courts and I hope this will provide some comfort to Brett’s loved ones.”

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