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Happy Eid from Nottinghamshire Police

July 31, 2020
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Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Craig Guildford has wished Nottingham and Nottinghamshire's Muslim community a happy Eid. 

In a video released by the force today, he said: "I’m very pleased to wish everyone a Happy Eid as today is Eid al-Adha or ‘big Eid’. In May, Muslims observed the holy month of Ramadan. It was really like no other celebrations due to the pandemic and the usual celebration prayers were very difficult to achieve in the traditional way.

"Recently though Mosques have reopened to allow congregational prayers with social distancing and throughout this unprecedented period I’m very grateful to all communities, particularly the Muslim community, for their continued co-operation and for that I just want to say thank you.

"I understand how important prayers are at Mosques, and how important praying is within a family setting. It’s important for families to be able to celebrate and I know that you will keep these sensible measures up with regards to the forthcoming celebrations.

"People I know will continue to follow the Government guidance which is to limit visits between households and numbers of people meeting at any one time, to observe social distancing at all times, to wear the face coverings and to follow those strict hygiene rules wherever possible.

"We know that those simple steps have helped us here in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and we also know that we’re not very far geographically from Leicestershire so everybody is playing a really important part in keeping each other safe.

"Many Mosques in Nottinghamshire have already made preparations which we’ve been involved in for the Eid celebrations, particularly congregational prayers. And I know there’s been some modifications and there’s been a number of extra sessions which have been facilitated by Mosque leaders and we’ve been working with the Nottingham council of Mosques which I think is absolutely the right thing to do.

""So hopefully, you will have a very safe, a very enjoyable and also a very important family time which isn’t going to be in the usual fashion, but I hope very much next year, that we will be back on normal celebrations.

" I just want to finish by wishing everybody a Happy Eid Mubarak and I hope, I really do hope that next year will be different than this time. Thank you."

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