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Injured buzzard rescued by police who winged their way to centre

December 23, 2020
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It wasn't quite a partridge in a pear tree but a lucky buzzard that was rescued by Nottinghamshire Police officers after the bird of prey dropped onto the road in front of them.

Superintendent Kevin Broadhead was out on a driving assessment with force driver trainer Glenn Longden on Monday as they were heading away from the village of Eakring towards Caunton.  

Mr Longden said: "Only a couple of hundred meters along the road and without warning a buzzard dropped in front of us and attempted to take off again, unfortunately without success.

"It struck the windscreen and went over the top of the car and would have undoubtedly been injured. We retraced our route and I found the buzzard on the side of the road, obviously injured and trying to take off.

"I took my coat off and was able to catch 'Bazza', wrapping him up in the coat which calmed him down a bit. A quick examination showed he was not in a good way and we didn’t want to leave him."

Supt Broadhead made some phone calls and they were directed to the Mansfield Wildlife Rescue centre in Mansfield Woodhouse.

Mr Longden added: "We drove over and we met Cheryl Martins, the founder of the centre. I’m in daily contact with Cheryl and Bazza is doing okay. He seems to be recovering and is eating and drinking. There is some concern about one of his legs but Cheryl is looking after him and he’s in good hands."

Supt Broadhead said: "It's great to hear that Bazza is making a good recovery and is now being well cared for. I hope he will be able to fully recover before being released in the near future.

"It was an unusual day to say the least while I was out doing my driver training but thankfully it had a happy ending - we managed to rescue Bazza and I ended up passing my driving assessment!"

PHOTOS: Police driver trainer Glenn Longden with 'Bazza' and Supt Kevin Broadhead with Mansfield Wildlife Rescue founder Cheryl Martins CREDIT: Nottinghamshire Police

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