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Man convicted of stabbing two people in street

November 7, 2019
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A 19-year-old man has been convicted of stabbing two people in the street following an argument with a woman in a nightclub.

Judah Chilink, of Ryehill Close, The Meadows, left a 19-year-old man fighting for his life and a 24-year-old man needing stitches after the attack.

However, he was found not guilty of wounding three other people - two men aged 24 and 23 and a 20-year-old woman - who also received hospital treatment for knife injuries.

The incident happened in Lower Parliament Street a short time after a fracas inside Pryzm nightclub, when Chilink had barged past a woman and knocked her to the floor while she was dancing.

The woman got to her feet and challenged him but he then told her he had a knife and threatened her. 

He also told her his name repeatedly and told her to look him up to see who he was and showed her a picture of himself wearing a balaclava and holding a knife.

Chilink then walked away and the woman didn't see him again until she left the club when there was "chaos", with Chilink involved in a fight with a number of people outside.

A total of five people suffered knife injuries in a fracas which started on a traffic island outside the club and continued outside the Marmaris takeaway, at 3.49am on Monday 6 May 2019. 

Mobile phone footage of part of the attack, which was shared on Snapchat, was shown to the jury at Nottingham Crown Court. It showed Chilink waving a knife and lunging as people screamed in terror and one of his victims lay injured on the floor.

The most badly injured victim, a 19-year-old man, was stabbed in the stomach. During initial surgery at hospital he required 22 pints of blood and he later required emergency surgery following complications and stopped breathing and required resuscitation.

Chilink tried to escape in a taxi following the incident but was refused a ride by the taxi driver and then fled on foot. Officers were quickly on the scene and detained him nearby.

Chilink was found guilty of wounding with intent against the most badly injured man, wounding another man and possession of a bladed article following a trial at Nottingham Crown Court, which concluded today (Thursday 7 November). However, he was found not guilty of wounding against three other people.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing at the same court on 16 December.

Detective Constable James Hirst, who led the investigation, said: "It was a terrifying incident that resulted in a number of serious injuries, including one young man who was left fighting for his life. Fortunately he survived but this could have easily cost that young man his life and Chilink would have been facing even more serious charges today.

"I'd like to thank the members of public and community paramedics from Pryzm nightclub who provided immediate first aid to the victims. 

"Carrying a knife is never acceptable and this incident is a clear example of why we try so hard to prevent knife crime. Five people were hurt and dozens who witnessed the attack will no doubt be fearful when they go out because of the mental impact. And of course Chilink is now facing a lengthy time in prison.

"Nottinghamshire Police treats knife crime extremely seriously and has a range of measures from enforcement with the dedicated Knife Crime Team to education through Schools and Early Intervention Officers. 

"Knife crime has reduced by 8.7% in Nottinghamshire over the last year but incidents like this show that one incident is one too many and we must continue to work with our partners and the community to stop people carrying knives."

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