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Officers awarded with Chief Constable commendations at Force Awards

November 21, 2019
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A number of officers from Nottinghamshire Police received the highest form of recognition at the annual Force Awards on Thursday 21 November 2019 at the Albert Hall in Nottingham.

The award is selected by the Chief Officer Team for those who have displayed exemplary work exceptional bravery.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said: "I would like to congratulate all of this year’s recipients of the Chief Constable's Commendations.

“I’m incredibly proud and humbled to hear the amazing stories and incredible acts of bravery performed by our officers, staff, volunteers and members of the public and to know that those acts of bravery, kindness and commitment go on every day.

“The work highlighted in these awards demonstrates the commitment and diligence of our officers, staff and partners.

“The recipients should all be proud of their achievements and the difference they have made to members of our community.

"I’d like to personally thank each and every one of them for their actions and contribution to our county."

Chief Constable Commendations are awarded to officers, staff, PCSOs, volunteers and members of the public for their actions.

The award winners

- PC Stafford, PC Barnett, PC Turner and PC Davies went into a chaotic environment where a victim had been stabbed and was faced with life threatening injuries as the suspect was on the loose. The four officers stayed calm and secured witnesses, the scene and administrated first aid to the victim. The subject was located and arrested. The officers rushed into danger and displayed bravery and courage.

- PC Butler and PC Tear were on the scene when a victim of a large street fight was stabbed and collapsed. The officers acted with great haste and administered CPR. Sadly the man passed away, but they gave the victim’s family the time they needed to say their farewells.

- PC Campin responded to concerns for a woman's safety at a car park. He and a member of the public spoke to her and talked her down to safety.

- Inspector Gallacher, PC Chell, PC Bradley, PC Pole, PC Barker, PC Moss, PC Cantrill, PC Coupland, PC Lee,  Davies and PC Lewis-Tatton were all in attendance following a vulnerable teenage girl being abducted. The group of officers worked together, pursuing a stolen car following camera sightings and chased the offender down on the M1. The man who had previously attacked a man and a woman with a machete, was tasered twice and he was arrested.

- PC Bailey and PC Finch arrested a burglar. When the suspect was taken to his cell, he bit a detention officer and refused to let go. The pair came to the detention officers aid. PC Finch was injured during the incident and PC Bailey tasered the suspect to restrain the violent prisoner.

- PC Pugh and PC Myers (pictured) attended a difficult scene as the victim had been dragged along the ground under a car. They provided first aid and administered CPR for 10-minutes until paramedics arrived.

- PC Stacey. PC Hazard, PC Stockham and Davies were sent to searched for an attacker who had already assaulted two girls. Helped by aerial support, they blocked roads and with thanks to officers in the control room, they located the suspect thanks to Police Dog Morse and used tactical communications to secure and arrest the suspect.

- PS Rungay located a stolen JCB and gave the helicopter excellent commentary on the vehicle's movements. The JCB was driven recklessly around oncoming vehicles. The JCB ploughed into a field and this meant Sgt Rungay had to pursuit on foot. He smashed the side door window with his baton and ordered the driver to stop. The driver was forced to stop after he was sprayed with CS. The driver was arrested.

- PC Craner located a man who had jumped off Trent Bridge and into the water. The officer acted swiftly and rescued the man bravely, without the use of a safety line.

- Mark Davies has been awarded a Chief Constable Commendation following his excellent work on developing systems producing vital evidence for the organisation. He was instrumental in Op Horseradish where he recovered digital evidence which meant those in the Courts had very clear footage of the murder weapon.

- TPS Hussain was off duty, but stopped to help a taxi driver with a drunken passenger. As the commuter tried to leave the scene, he managed to detain them and took him to the ground. He established control until other officers arrived.

- PC Zafar was also off duty at the time, but spotted two men fighting. With no protective gear or radio, he took control of the situation and he arrested one of the men by using his tactical skills and brave actions. The man was arrested.

- PC Chambers and PC Clifton (pictured on stage) attended an addressed following an assault to an officer. The pair tackled the suspect to the floor and tried to grab hold of the attacker's knife. A taser was used and the man was arrested.

- PC Price and PC Bryan attended a burglary where someone had been stabbed. Officers found the victim in the garden and provided first aid. Thanks to their quick thinking and actions, the victim survived the serious injury. Paramedics commended their actions.

- PC Grassam, PC Elliot, PC Parkin, PC Mottinshaw, PC Gill and PC Leask (pictured) attended a burglary where a gang of three armed men had gained entry to a pub. The suspects drove towards the officer and a pursuit began. The suspects attacked officers with a sledge hammer and made off on foot. The men were arrested after being tasered.

- PC Gibson and PC Wells witnessed a crash where a passenger suffered serious injuries. They saved the victim's life following their swift first aid and then preserved the scene.

- PCSO Holbrook was on her way home when she came across a man in distress, she stayed with the victim and built a rapport with them to ensure they didn't come to any harm. He was given the support he desperately needed.

- PC Falconbridge, PC Mauder-Green, PC Michie, PC Heavey, PC West, PC Raynor and PC Gallagher have been awarded following a stabbing in the city centre. The officers attended the scene and provided vital CPR which saved a man's life. The suspect was also located and arrested in a distressing and chaotic situation. The officers remained focussed and calm throughout.

- PC Giddy, PC Grimley and PC Lane were in the city centre and came across two men acting suspiciously. They were both in possession of drugs and ran away. Officers gave chase. There was a violent struggle and officers realised the man had a knife. Both men were successfully arrested and the knife and drugs were recovered. All of the officers were injured during the incident, but showed incredible bravery and professionalism.

- PC Parkes, PC Kirk, PC Grant, PC Wightman, PC Coleman, PC Smith, PC Chalk, PC Whysall, PC Stafford, PC Gordon, PC Desantis, PC Wilkinson, PC Firth, PC Shaw, PC Arnold, PC Toombes, PC Goodman, PC Pattison, PC Swinscoe, PC Ditchfield, PC Greenwood and PC Morgan have all been awarded a Chief Constable's commendation. A man was in distressed and was attended by officers. They managed to persuade the man to seek support. The man returned with a firearm. Officers within the control room were able to support. The man left his house and rammed cars, including police vehicles and putting the general public in danger. He was safely brought to a halt and was arrested with use of a Taser.

- PC Barnett and PC Smith were called following a man threatening another man. Officers arrived and sprayed CS at the suspect. Officers were able to move forward, disarm two knives and restrain him. They displayed exceptional bravery.

- DI Wilson, DC Langthorne, DC Aram, DC McLean, Mr Flint, Ms Turner, Ms Hill, Dr Wetton, Dr May, Mr Aspden and Ms Burgin all worked on a historic rape case where the worked together to gather fresh DNA samples and sentence a man to nearly 10 years behind jail.

- PC Keen has gone above and beyond in ensuring officer's welfare is at the fore front of people's thoughts. He has been a key player in implementing the Police Firearms Officers Association and has been committed to all officers welfare and wellbeing.

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