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Police in Gedling lifting community spirits

March 24, 2020
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Police officers in Gedling have been lifting spirits while out on patrol today.

The officers were flagged down while out on patrol today (24 March) and asked by a local businessmen for help with distributing 40 Easter eggs.

Together they decided to give them to paramedics in the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) at Carlton Ambulance Station, and to the children who are still required to attend a local school.

Staff at Netherfield Primary School then asked officers to take 170 pre-packed sandwiches which would otherwise have gone to waste. The officers took the sandwiches back to their colleagues at EMAS and to a care home in Carlton.

The officers then visited a local Co-Op store and helped with a food delivery for an elderly customer who was unable to leave home and collect it for himself.

Police Sergeant Matt Sisson said: “As police officers we came into this job to help, and that’s exactly what we want to carry on doing in these difficult times.

“Our colleagues in the ambulance service are working harder than ever, so we really wanted to give something back to them.

“Thank you to the generosity of local people who shared what they have and gave to others. I hope we’ll see lots more of this community spirit in the coming days and weeks.”

All deliveries were made safely, with officers keeping to social distancing rules.

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