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Public turn to social media to help police name new car

November 21, 2020
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Police in Ashfield made an unusual public appeal – to help them name a new police car.

Members of the new Ashfield Operation Reacher team, a pro-active policing unit responding to key community concerns, recently took delivery of a new high-powered Skoda Octavia.

With its branded Operation Reacher livery, high-powered engine, sirens and lights the car had it all – apart from a name.

In order to correct this the team launched an appeal on Facebook for people to come forward with suggestions.

After many strong entries from various members of the public, Octavius Crime – a nod to the crime-fighting Transformers hero Optimus Prime – was voted the winner.

Sergeant Paul Peatfield, leader of the Operation Reacher Team, said: “One of the objectives of the Operation Reacher Initiative is to help build even stronger links in the local community by breaking down some barriers that still exist between the public in the police.

“Obviously the majority of our work is very serious and very often involves coming face-to-face with quite unpleasant criminals, so it was nice to have a have a bit of fun with the public and show our human side a bit.

“Police cars are often given names by local policing teams and it just didn’t seem right that our newest addition didn’t have one. We’re pleased that’s now been put right and look forward to following the example of our car’s superhero name-sake in fighting the local forces of evil in our very small part of the galaxy.”

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