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Special Constabulary deploy to and deal with more than 300 incidents in single month

March 10, 2019
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Members of Nottinghamshire Police’s Special Constabulary are being praised for their ‘exceptional commitment’ to the force and members of the public following an impressive demonstration of support throughout February.

The dedicated team of volunteer officers give up their spare time to help make Nottinghamshire a safer place to live, work and visit and, in February, volunteered more than 2,900 hours across the force.

They also deployed to and dealt with more than 300 reported incidents from members of the public, whilst supporting victims of crime. The team made dozens of arrests throughout the month for offences including public order, theft, robbery and drink and drug driving amongst others.

Some of the more notable incidents included the arrest of a 22-year-old man on suspicion of having sexual activity with a child by the force’s dedicated Child Sexual Exploitation Disruption Team and a 45-year-old woman on suspicion of arranging/facilitating the commission of a child sex offence in the Mansfield area.  

In Gedling, a dedicated team made six arrests within days for public order-related and burglary offences, before going on to make further arrests for a suspected street robbery, assault and drink driving offences.

Worksop has also seen several arrests by Special Constables, including one for breaching a restraining order. The team also removed numerous illegal vehicles from the streets whilst providing regular high visibility proactive patrols.

Recognising the ongoing commitment and the difference that the Special Constabulary in Nottinghamshire makes, Chief Inspector Suk Verma, head of Citizens in Policing, said: “I’m incredibly proud of the exceptional commitment that our Special Constabulary makes on a day-to-day basis.

“From being the first responders to a report of crime through to conducting investigations, making arrests and supporting victims, I’m always amazed when I see the real difference that they make as a volunteer workforce.

“February has been a particularly notable month as they made dozens of arrests, reducing the risk of harm to the public, whilst responding to more than 300 incidents of varying nature.

“I would like to thank all of our Special Constables for their ongoing support to Nottinghamshire Police and, more importantly, members of the public.”

From responding to emergency calls for help, to providing a high visibility presence in their local communities, Special Constables play an integral role in modern day policing and bring with them an array of outside experiences that assist the force in delivering day-to-day operational policing.

The force also has a number of dedicated teams who focus on specialist areas of policing including Child Sexual Exploitation, Rural and Wildlife Crime and Roads Policing, as well as dedicated officers who support local policing teams at every station across the county.

There are currently more than 150 active volunteer officers in the county who routinely volunteer in their spare time.

Special Constables come from all walks of life and, in Nottinghamshire Police, they receive continuous training and development opportunities which enable them to respond to and deal with often challenging and complex areas of policing.

Many of our Special Constables are also qualified to conduct suspect interviews, obtain witness statements and see through complete investigations, enabling them to support their full-time colleagues right across the force.

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