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Street Triage Team helps more than 700 people in a year

October 10, 2019
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Last year, Nottinghamshire Police helped more than 700 people receive support and treatment for mental health issues as part of the hard work of the Street Triage Team and partners. In addition to this, they provided support to the control room and frontline officers on over 3,000 incidents by offering advice and information sharing.

On World Mental Health Day, Sergeant Anthony Horsnall, who heads up the Street Triage Team, explains how the work they do continues to support those with mental health issues all year round:

“It is believed that around 1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer from a mental disorder during their life. That person could be your colleague, family member, friend or yourself.

“Our officers are encouraged to always remember this fact when we speak with people on a daily basis and that is why the work we do with our partners is vital in the support of those with mental health issues.

“We launched the Street Triage Team in April 2014 to help officers across Nottinghamshire engage with people with mental health issues in more understanding, appropriate and effective manner. We also have mental health support in police custody to reduce the risk of people re-offending linked to poor mental health and wellbeing.

“Essentially, when an officer requests the attendance of the Street Triage Team, a car is deployed with a uniformed police officer and a trained mental health professional to ensure that whoever needs help is treated by someone who can engage with them properly.

“Our goal is to ensure that people detained for their safety are not held in custody when it could further damage their wellbeing and stigmatise mental health issues.

“I’m proud of the work that our team does with our partners and I see every patient whom we divert away from custody to a health based place of safety to be a success story. The Street Triage Team only respond to Police emergencies whereby we discover someone in crisis, if you require support for your or someone else’s mental health then contact your GP or NHS 111 for support”

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