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Warning to off-road riders after bikes seized

November 21, 2020
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Motorcyclists who ride illegally on and off the roads have been warned that their bikes will be seized if they are caught.

The warning comes after police in Ashfield seized two bikes on Sunday afternoon – the first near Felley Woods, Annesley, and the second on Jubilee Way, Mansfield.

Neither bike had road tax or insuranceThe seizures are part of an going crackdown by Nottinghamshire Police on people who ride antisocially along footbaths and through woodland – putting other people risk and causing a considerable noise nuisance.

Inspector Mark Dickson, district commander for Ashfield, said: “We’ve said time and gain that we won’t tolerate this behaviour. Riding motorcycles in this way is totally unacceptable we will never turn a blind eye to this kind of lawlessness.

“These riders are not only putting the wider public at risk, they are also placing themselves at risk because they very often simply don’t have the skill or experience to handle their bikes safely.

“I’ve heard it said that we should be providing people with a safe place to ride, but that simply isn’t our job. Our job is to enforce the law and to keep people safe and we will continue to do that.

“So for as long as riders keep behaving in this way we’ll continue looking for them, we’ll continue looking for them and continue taking their bikes away.”

Nottinghamshire Police are now routinely patrolling known trouble spots and gathering evidence of activity using drones. The force is also now using a special forensic spray to tag offenders who flee from the police – allowing them to catch up with them and prosecute them at a later date.

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