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Brave off-duty PC is honoured at Nottinghamshire Police Awards 2017

November 4, 2017
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A brave off-duty officer who single-handedly detained two suspects despite suffering injuries in the process received the Ged Walker Award at Thursday night's (2 November 2017) Nottinghamshire Police Awards, sponsored by Nottingham Trent University, the Nottinghamshire Police Federation and Mazars.

At around 8.30pm on June 9, 2017, a man was punched in a seemingly unprovoked attack in Parliament Street, which caused him to fall back onto his friend, resulting in her also sustaining head injuries.

PC Straw's instincts then kicked in and she began to chase the suspect through the city, finally catching up with him in Trinity Square.

Being off-duty, PC Straw then identified herself as an officer and tried to detain him until more officers arrived.

However, a second man then attempted to prevent PC Straw from detaining the man and proceeded to attack her.

She sustained injuries to her hand, after it was trapped in a taxi door, and to her foot.

Heroically, a group of teenage boys ran to help her by managing to verbally fend off the attacker.

Both suspects were held at the scene where officers arrived and arrested them.

On Thursday night PC Straw received the Ged Walker Award – an award presented in memory of PC Ged Walker who died in the line of duty in 2003.

PC Straw, who is now based in the Force Control Room, said: "I’m shocked and proud to receive such an honourable award.

"I want to thank the group of lads who stepped forward to help me. They were brave and followed every word I asked of them. I can’t praise them enough.

"At the time, the fact the victims were friends of mine was irrelevant. I had just seen a man attack two people in a completely unprovoked incident and therefore the only thing on my mind was that this man needed to be caught, to stop it happening to anyone else."

She added: "It’s not the first time I’ve been involved in incidents while off duty and I’m sure it will not be the last. I firmly believe that the way you speak to people has a massive effect. I always speak to and treat people in a way that I would expect to be treated.

"My line managers have been very supportive since the incident. I needed to be late for work the next day as I’d barely slept and my foot was painful.

"They ensured that I had time to complete any extra paperwork from the night before and that I was okay to be at work. I think I’m very lucky to have the two sergeants I have who are also fully supported by their inspector."

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