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Arboretum Ward Strategic Priorities: January 2019

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January 2019

Arboretum Ward Strategic Priorities: January 2019

We have seen a steady rise in crime on the area, year to date as this time last year. Despite this, the Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working tirelessly to combat this rise, with numerous high visibility and plain clothes operations, arrests, and problem solving initiatives to keep the area a safe place to live, visit, work and visit. With our key partners and community, we have concentrated on working hard to ensure further reductions in the two identified Crime Priorities:

  • Residential burglary
  • Violent and Knife Crime
  • Vehicle offences

Following meetings with our Partners, we are also working on tackling antisocial behaviour (ASB) on several fronts, namely:

  • Street Drinking
  • People being drunk or rowdy in public places
  • Rubbish and littering
  • Noisy neighbours or loud parties

Fortunately, there are no single patters or trends emerging to cause alarm, this is reassuring to know so we don’t have any undue crime patterns which are adversely affecting the community. However, due to stepping up our Police and Community Protection visibility, we have had good feedback from the community in reassuring everyone, whilst taking a ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach to offending behaviour; we will always take positive action.

The Arboretum Neighbourhood Policing Team will contact every victim of Burglary, follow up Vehicle offences and ASB to reassure you, offer advice and maximise the amount of evidence that can be gained by completing House to House and CCTV enquiries.

Please note your local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) will still be proactively dealing with priorities identified at the local neighbourhood level.

In order to further reduce Burglary, Violence and Vehicle offences on the Arboretum Ward we have:

  • Operation NAPPE – Police and partnership problem solving plan to tackle, reduce Burglary within the Arboretum area.
  • Operation LUMINATION – a targeted Policing Proactive team on one Sergeant and three Police officers tackling street based crime, violence and ASB.
  • Police detectives to review all Burglary and serious violent crime investigations.
  • Target those criminals who are actively committing these crime types on our area. For example, any individual who has historically committed these crimes on our area but is currently wanted for an unrelated offence will be prioritised for arrest.
  • Use social media and face-to-face communication to educate and inform the public regarding crime prevention.
  • Prioritise intelligence ensuring that anything that is ‘Burglary, Violence or Vehicle crime’

We will support the victim to ensure a prosecution where the evidence exists, but there are things that we can ask the public to do to help us prevent incidents.

  • Keep doors and windows locked at night. Try not to put expensive electrical items on display near open windows. Leave a light on in the property when you go out, set the burglar alarm if you have one, and if not consider fitting one. It’s best to have Home insurance.
  • Be cautious, NOT alarmed, when walking alone and report any suspicious activity. Keep yourself safe and your possessions at all times.
  • Keep vehicle doors locked and secure, try not to leave items on display such as cash, phones, and other valuables. Park your vehicles courteously and in well-lit areas.  Vehicles are sometimes vandalised over inconsiderate parking.
  • Bin fires are quite common.  This said, you can help us by only putting your bins on the street on the morning of your scheduled collection and putting them away again as quickly as possible.
  • Do not over fill your bin.
  • Do not leave bulky waste out.  This can be used to cause damage and is a target for arson.  Make use of the Council’s bulky waste collection service which is a free service and can be arranged on 0115 915 2000.
  • Report fly tips or suspicious behaviour so that the Council and Police can react appropriately.  Call 101 or in an emergency 999.  Or report anonymously through Crime stoppers on 0800 555111.
  • Report to the Council any walls, street lamps etc that require repairing.  It may not be the Council’s responsibility to repair a wall but they will liaise with the owner.  Damaged walls provide ammunition to damage property.
  • Talk to your children and make sure they value other people’s property.

January 2019 update

Officers have been working on The Street Offences Team as part of Operation NAPPE and Operation LUMINATION throughout the new year and into January, both in plain clothes and high visibility patrols. This has resulted in significant arrests ranging from drugs searches, offenders carrying knives, suspects in burglaries and other target offenders identified from committing offences on the area. Our high visibility patrols have been well received to deter repeat offending and make the suspects think twice about committing crime.

We have focussed our attention on the ‘Sofie block’ – area between Gregory Boulevard, Noel Street, Bentick road and Radford Road, as this presented area presented a number of challenges around Burglary, Violent crime and ASB. I am pleased to say, our Police and partnership approach has made some good early progress, but we will be stepping up patrols, crime prevention initiatives and problem solving the coming months.

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