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Bassetlaw Neighbourhood Priority agreed for the next three months (January 2021 to April 2021)

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January 2021

Bassetlaw Neighbourhood Priority agreed for the next three
months (January 2021 to April 2021)

Priorities set by Inspector Neil Bellamy at the remotely
conducted (due to Coronavirus and Covid-19 Pandemic) Local Policing Priority
Setting (LPPS) meeting.

In Bassetlaw we set Policing Priorities every three months.
We now set priorities, based on various types of information received such as
Crime and Disorder Surveys and calls received as well as #whatmatters to you
survey data.

We continue to receive information from the Local Authority
(Elected and Executive), County Councillors, Local Councillors and Bassetlaw
Residents (utilising surgeries and other engagement if allowed) about the
issues and concerns in their area where this is possible and not breaching regulations.

This enables me to consider as wide a range of information
as possible for the priorities to be decided.

The priorities as identified by the Office of the Police and
Crime Commissioner for the residents of Bassetlaw have changed from the last
quarter albeit they have remained broadly the same just changing position, and
the areas are supported by the #whatmatters data:

Reckless & dangerous driving


Drug use and dealing


Car Crime

The priorities as identified by the Priority Setting
Meetings of East Bassetlaw have NOT been set due to the National Health

The priority for WORKSOP as identified by the Elected Leader
of the Local Authority remains the Town Centre specifically with regard to Anti-Social
Behaviour relating to drug use and particularly visible in the times of reduced
mobility of the population in this pandemic.

On 23rd March 2020 the UK was put on a Government ‘lockdown’
due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and this has had a significant impact on
crime, mainly a reduction.

I have reviewed the information available to me which shows
that for Bassetlaw, recorded crimes for violence against the person, burglary,
theft and criminal damage have all reduced significantly.

With regards to our previous priorities:

Drug offences are also down;

Current month compared with previous month this year -18.3%

month compared with same month last year -70.6%

Anti-Social Behaviour is one of a few areas that are showing
an increase at +59.7% Year to Date, however, that is showing relatively
consistent reductions over time also. The vast majority of this relates to the
public reporting Covid-19 Breach related Anti-Social Behaviour.

The majority of concerns raised by the public through their
local councillors relate to people breaching the Covid-19 Government Regulations. 

There remains a consistent narrative from the Rural
Communities of Bassetlaw that relates to a number of issues – some reflected in
general identified priorities such as speeding and driving related matters, but
also matters unique to their community such as land related crop damage,
nuisance vehicles on land, poaching and animal related concerns.

With such a large area and varied communities – three
growing towns, and significant numbers of Parishes and predominantly rural
areas – the setting of priorities is difficult.

In light of all of the above information, and the current circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic at this time the clear main
concern from the public is Anti-Social Behaviour.

Our Policing Priority
for the next three months will be to focus on the response to Covid-19 Related ASB, with the caveat
that this will be reviewed before that time if there is a significant change
(such as the Covid-19 restrictions being released).

The Teams under my command are abundantly aware of the
competing demands and priorities of all our communities in Bassetlaw and will
generally work towards them in addition to those specifically identified.