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City Central Priorities: October - December 2021

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November 2021

City Central Strategic Priorities: October to December 2021

Over the rolling 12 month period, crime overall is down which is fantastic news. There has been a rise in ASB number, but it should be remembered that this will include COVID breaches including parties, gatherings and mixing of households over the past 12 months. Clearly restrictions have been lifted now and as such there are more people out and about moving freely.

Our partners have assisted us in reinforcing our 'Local Policing Priorities' that effect and concern the community. These priorities do not replace those agreed at the NAT meetings, nor those defined through the respect survey, in fact this reinforces and compliments them.

Every three months sees a renewing of the three priorities we should have each quarter, we have focussed on what matters to our communities, we agreed to set and review the top 3 main priorities. The meeting to discuss these priorities is held every 3 months, and is attended by Local Neighbourhood Development officers, Police, Nottingham City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Principle officer, also the Community Protection Team, to look at data provided by the Nottinghamshire Police Crime Commissioners Office, following perception surveys they conduct of the area around gaining local community concerns.

Due to the recent Pandemic with Covid 19, the current priorities have been drawn from local statistical data, knowledge and partnership working.

I have purposely and holistically looked to include those priorities concerning our community, these do NOT detract from other priorities such as begging, Auto crime, Thefts and several others including nuisance and littering.

We discuss, local community feedback provided to us by the Neighbourhood Development officers, which allows us to be more informed.

The 3 agreed Priorities for the next 3 months, October - December 2021:

  1. Serious Violent Crime: (GBH, Robbery, Knife Crime).Op LUMINATION, Op SCORPION, Op EMBODY
  2. Burglary Dwelling: Op NAPPE, Op UNIVERSAL
  • Op Lumination = Open Space Violence – Arboretum.
  • Op Scorpion – Knife Crime.
  • Op Embody – Drugs.
  • Op Nappe – Burglary – Arboretum.
  • Op Universal – Student Burglary & ASB.
  • Op Nevarasse – Street Begging.
  • Op Beeswax – Noise related ASB

December update

1. Serious Violent Crime: (GBH, Robbery, Knife Crime). 

Victim based crime has seen a 11.1% decrease compared to the previous month which is a reduction of 72 offences.  Robbery has shown an 18.8% decrease, however this only equates to 3 fewer offence compared to the previous month..* Possession of weapons has reduced by 57.1% which is a reduction of 8 offences. We currently have bids in place for support of the forces dedicated knife crime team to tackle issues when they arise. Both plain clothes and high visibility continue in addition to Proactive Operations in the area i.e Op LUMINATION, Op SCORPION.

2. Burglary Dwelling:

Burglary has shown an increase of 6.1% which equated to two additional offences compared to the previous month.  That said, there have been two significant arrests over the last period which will reduce these offences further. Op Graduate ran throughout November and the team will be working closely with the University of Nottingham to provide crime prevention advice to students in the area, but also with the whole community as part of the Safer Streets initiative to reduce burglary offences and target harden the area.

3. Drugs / ASB:

Drugs offences, (possession and trafficking) is has shown an increase of 9 offences compared to the previous month. This is a positive increase as it means we have stopped and confiscated people either using or involved in drugs offences, thereby reducing its use or distribution. Op LUMINATION, Op NAVARASSE are operations used to prevent such offences. ASB has seen a reduction of 16.8% (60 fewer reports) compared to the previous month.Operation Beeswax is one operation targeting ASB in residential properties in the Lenton Triangle, Park, New Lenton and Radford West areas.

 Inspector Paul Ferguson