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City Central Strategic Priorities: Jan to March 2021

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February 2021

I have continued to work with our partners to understand and
define specific 'Local Policing Priorities' that effect and concern the
community. These priorities do not replace those agreed at the NAT meetings,
nor those defined through the respect survey; in fact this reinforces and
compliments them.

The meeting to discuss these priorities is held every 3
months, and is attended by Local Neighbourhood Development officers, Police,
and City Council Community Protection Team to look at data provided by the
Nottinghamshire Police Crime Commissioners Office, following perception surveys
they conduct of the area around gaining local community concerns.

However, due to the recent Pandemic with Covid 19, the
current priorities have been drawn from local statistical data, knowledge and
partnership working.

We discuss, local community feedback provided to us by the
Neighbourhood Development officers, which allows us to be more informed.

The 3 agreed Priorities for the next 3 months Jan –March
2021 :-

1) Serious Violent Crime

2) Acquisitive Crime

3) Drugs and ASB

Jan update (Year to date April 20 - Jan 21 crime data)

1. Serious Violent Crime

Victim based crime year to date is down -19.8%. Violence
against the person is down 0.5%. Robbery is down 38.5% and possessions of
weapons is down 20.2%.

Operation Reacher are now well established within our
Neighbourhood policing team to complement our current operations, high
visibility patrols and enforcing upon those who harm our community most.

2. Acquisitive Crime

Burglary year to date is down 34.2%, vehicle offences are
down 55.8% and bicycle theft is down 38.7%. More people are at home which has
certainly affected these figures in a positive way however Op Graduate burglary
patrols remain in place and spontaneous operations were set up recently when we
saw a wave of bicycle thefts. Neighbourhood and Operation teams successfully
worked together and arrested two prolific bike thieves.

3. Drugs / ASB

Drugs offences are down -12.2%. Drug offences are recorded
when we have proactively recovered drugs off the streets however with more
people at home there has been a decrease. We have successfully conducted a
number of drug misuse warrants in the area and will continue to enforce on
those who choose to use or supply drugs on the area.

ASB has seen an increase of 63.3%. With more people at home
the reporting of ASB has increased. Covid breaches are also recorded within ASB
which has never previously been recorded before. A number of operations for ASB
hotspots are in place to reduce the impact on the community.