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City North Strategic Priority Nuisance bikes

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September 2018

Nuisance bikes is our 1st priority for City North as identified by the respect survey and various meetings attended by the neighbourhood team, local Councillors and key members of our communities.Prevention of Crime and ASB is also a priority set out by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner.

Riders are reported to be riding on pavements without helmets putting themselves and others in danger as well as committing road traffic offences. This kind of activity can prevent the community from going about their day to day business safely due to the risk of being seriously hurt.

This is what the neighbourhood beat team will be doing alongside other agencies:-

• Identify hotspots and possible offenders

• Deploy the CCTV van in hotspot areas

• Targeted high visibility patrols in hotspot areas

• Encourage real time reporting by the public to enable us to react faster when staffing allows

• Re contact repeat callers for further information and advice to better deploy our resources

• Post successful seizures on social media

• Request Police off road bike team when appropriate.

• Joint agency work with Nottingham City Homes, Neighbourhood development offices and the City Council enforcement team.

Update September 2018

A Plan has been written by a neighbourhood police sergeant detailing powers and tactics we can use during planned police operations.

Op Reacher have seized 6 bikes during September posted on Facebook and a total of 45 since April this year. 

Op Reacher is your dedicated proactive community policing team for Bestwood and neighbouring areas.

The CCTV van has been deployed in hotspot areas along with targeted patrols which has seen a lot of police presence deterring this kind of activity. 

Calls to police regarding nuisance bikes has decreased over the last few months and we will endeavour to reduce it further.

Nottingham City Homes is working with us by informing residents in hotspot areas that mini motors are a breach of their tenancies and the consequences of their actions.

Update October 2018

5 more motorbikes have been seized by OP Reacher keeping this nuisance behaviour at bay and helping to return stolen property to their rightful owners.

4 males have been arrested this month for motorbike related offences including dangerous driving so hopefully this will also reduce the danger posed to the general public.

The CCTV van was deployed in the Bestwood area during Halloween to deter and record any anti-social behaviour caused.

During October there have only been two calls made in relation to Nuisance bikes across the North, attention has been paid to Southglade Park following reports of youths congregating on Bikes. This figure is a reduction from the eight calls received during the month of September, we will continue our activity in a bid to keep these numbers down.




Update November 2018

Having had another relatively quiet month with reports remaining low there is little to update which is very good news.

We have however still seized 2 bikes during November which helps to keep the availability of nuisance bikes down; one resulted in an arrest for which the suspect has been released under investigation.  

The Neighbourhood team along with OP Reacher will continue to treat this issue as a priority dispite the positve decline in calls and nuisance bikes visisble in our community.

December 2018 Update

Having had another relatively quiet month with reports remaining low there is little to update which is very good news.

I think the cold weather has helped along with all the previously seized bikes by Op Reacher and the beat teams.

Only 1 mini quad seized believed stolen, enquiries on-going to trace owner.