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City South Priorities

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April 2019

The City South comprises of the St Ann’s, Mapperley, Clifton, Meadows and Sneinton and Dales areas. Whilst each area is very different a number of priorities have been identified through analysis of crime, consultation with partners and feedback from our community.

Serious Violence

There have been a number of well publicised incidents of serious violence in the city south most notably two incidents where shotguns were discharged in St Anns and a number of stabbings across the area resulting in people receiving serious injuries.

Whilst incidents of this nature are generally uncommon it does reflect a national increase in knife crime and the impact on the Community is significant. As a result these incidents have been raised and discussed at Community meetings and in public forums.

Some of the incidents that occurred in St Ann’s were linked to a local group in dispute with a group that was loosely identified with the Radford area. Following these incidents the police have made numerous arrests, recovered several firearms and increased police presence in the area.

It was apparent that those involved in the violence were becoming younger and so we are working closely with our partners, schools and other agencies to identify opportunities to engage with youths within the community. A dedicated schools officer has recently started and has responsibility for Nottingham and Farnborough Academies and will be delivering inputs around knife crime.Operation Sceptre was a week of action took place where open areas were searched for weapons, knife bins were placed in prominent locations and test purchases of knives were conducted to ensure they were not being sold to anyone underage.

Whilst the number of serious violence offences has significantly reduced since July such was the impact that serious violence remains our priority and we continue to work hard to do everything possible to prevent any further offences.

October Update 2018

During the month of October there has been one confirmed stabbing in the city south area and a further stabbing that is believed to have taken place within the area. Neighbourhood officers continue to target those people believed to have been involved in knife related violence and a prime example of this the two warrants that were executed in the Meadows.Pc Bulloch, the schools officer, has delivered a knife crime input educating young persons around the dangers of knife crime to 180 pupils.

November Update 2018

During November there have no firearms discharged but there
has been three confirmed stabbings across the City South area.
Sadly, this includes the murder of Neil Thompson in the Meadows, for which a
relative has been charged and is awaiting trial. A suspect has been arrested
and charged in another of the cases.

Following the execution of two warrants three firearms were
recovered in St Anns which is a real success and means that these weapons will
no longer pose a risk to the public.

We continue to work hard in conjunction with our partners to
engage young people in the area to educate them around the effect of violence
and knife crime.

December 2018 Update

Violence with injury across the city south for December is below the average number expected for the year, which is encouraging. However there were two reported stabbings during December one of which was domestic related, whereby a male received minor injuries and the other where a male was specifically targeted and attacked at home. The impact of serious violence and the increase in knife crimes throughout the year dictates that violence remains a top priority.

January - March 2019 Update

We have had some significant seizures of weapons during March in the St Anns and Mapperley areas with a shotgun being recovered and a vehicle being stopped containing a firearm, baseball bat and machete. As a result of the vehicle stop four males were arrested, charged and remanded in custody where they await trial. This is a really good result in removing weapons and those likely to use them from our streets.

Operation Sceptre was also undertaken in March across Nottinghamshire which aimed to raise the awareness of and tackle knife crime. In the City South 6 ‘weapon sweeps’ were conducted, 4 arrests in relation to weapons were made, 5 weapons were recovered, 1 warrant was executed and 4 visits made to individuals considered to be at risk of committing knife crime. Additionally the City South schools officer delivered an input about knife crime to a total of 294 pupils in the Nottingham and Farnborough Academies.

We have benefitted from the presence of the Knife Crime Team (KCT) in the area having been sucessful in bidding for them in successive tasking meetings. The KCT provide a pro active presence and actively target those known to carry and be involved in knife crime.


Autocrime refers to theft from a motor vehicle, which includes items taken from the vehicle such as number plate’s and occasions where the vehicle has been entered and items taken from within. Autocrime also includes theft of motor vehicle where the vehicle itself has been taken. Autocrime was highlighted as being a particularly an issue in the Clifton area with 46 offences being committed during August and September.

The majority of offences in Clifton have been theft from vehicles where items have been taken from inside, these offences have been largely occurring overnight when many people are in bed.Officers from the Neighbourhood team have worked night shifts patrolling areas identified as hot spots. Response officers have also been tasked to patrol the area during the night when they not attending incidents.

All the reported offences have been reviewed to identify if there are any patterns and ensure that any evidential opportunities are acted upon quickly so that potential offenders can be identified and arrested.

October 2018 Update

Autocrime continues to be an issue in the Clifton area with 41 reports during October however a significant arrest was made on the 27th of October. Where a male was caught in the process of committing autocrime this male has already been linked to other autocrime offences in the area and we strongly suspect that he responsible for more offences.A male was also arrested in the Mapperley on 30th of October after a resident found him on his driveway walking away and has vehicle had been entered and searched.

November 2018 Update

Autocrime remains a concern for the area with Clifton being the area worst affected. The majority of the offences are theft from motor vehicle and occur during the night. Officers from the Beat Team have changed their shifts to conduct patrols over night in key areas, each reported offence is being reviewed to identify any patterns or potential evidential leads. 

A suspect has summonsed to court for vehicle offences having been arrested in suspicious circumstances the previous month. Civil avenues are being explored to see if a Criminal Behaviour Order can be obtained upon conviction to limit their offending in future.

Crime prevention advice has been published on the Clifton social media pages if you require information please check it out, there is a link on this page.

December 2018 update

Clifton was the focus of our activity with regard to autocrime throughout December with targeted patrols, enforcement activity and investigations subjected to review. The number of autocrime incidents reported across the city south has reduced from 69 in November to 39 in December which is a significant reduction.

Please remember to leave your vehicle secure and no valuables on display.

January - March 2019 update

Clifton was the area that worst affected by autocrime across the city south however there has been a significant reduction in the number of offences with 46 offences of the last 3 months compared to 111 the previous three months.

With autocrime a large number of offences can be committed by a single persons with several vehicles attacked in any given night and with few people on the street when the offences are committed and limited forensic opportunities it remains a difficult crime to solve. However we have had some sucess as a male was arrested in February who we believe was responsible for a large proportion of the offences this male was charged and remanded with several offences and currently remains in prison.

On the 27th March a male was arrested for a number of auto crime offences after being seen in the Mapperley area trying car doors and searching a parked vehicle. The male was arrested and subsequently charged and remanded to court. He was not a resident in the area, so in conjunction with our partners in Community Protection, we are seeking to obtain a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) to prevent him entering the area.

We continue to review offences to establish if there are any patterns or hotspots emerging.


The use and supply of drugs within the city south area is an issue and can be linked to other crimes such autocrime where offences are committed to feed a drug habit.In April and May there were five stabbings within the Meadows. This was unusual for the area and reflected a national trend in the increase of knife crime. The Meadows community were naturally shocked and as a result a number of public meetings were held which were attended by councillors, police, community groups and MP.

We developed a plan locally which focussed on engagement and enforcement. Engagement involved working with, and supporting, our partners in identifying opportunities to interact with the community specifically the younger generation. We have also delivered educational talks at schools in the area to educate pupils about the dangers of knife crime.

Enforcement centred on identifying those involved in knife crime and ensuring that every opportunity was taken to prosecute them. It was recognised that there was a significant overlap between those committing knife crime and those involved in drug supply. As a result the Neighbourhood Policing Team have been obtaining and executing numerous drugs warrants in the Meadows area. We have also been working with Council Colleagues to take civil action, including eviction, wherever possible. The BT phone box in the Bridgeway centre in the Meadows made the news recently as being used in the main for drugs users to arrange drug deals.

October 2018 Update

Two warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act have been executed in the Meadows area. Community Protection supported by the police have been liaising with BT with a view to removing the phonebox in the Bridgeway centre.

November 2018 Update

The Beat Team continue to gather intelligence to support the
application for and subsequent execution of warrants.  

Drugs offences across the area have dropped 14% this month compared
to the previous month.

December 2018 Update

There were three search warrants conducted under the Misuse
of Drugs Act across the St Anns and Sneinton area during December and the
neighbourhood teams continue to gather intelligence in order to support
targeted drug enforcement activity.

Plain clothes officers conducted pro-active patrols around
the Meadows area which resulted in the arrest of man for possession with intent
to supply and recall to prison.

January - March 2019 Update

We continue to execute warrants across the City South area based on intelligence and information supplied by the public. Please see our Facebook pages for details of warrants that have been executed in your area.

The St Anns team have secured additional drugs funding to undertake additional patrols in hotspot areas and had really good result when heroin was recovered with a street value of around £9000. an investigation continues to identify and prosecute those connected to this seizure.

Please continue to tell us about drugs misuse in your area - we are listening!!