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City South Priorities April to June 2020

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May 2020

The City South comprises of the St Ann’s, Mapperley, Clifton, Meadows and Sneinton and Dales areas. Whilst each area is very different a number of overarching strategic priorities have been identified through analysis of crime, consultation with partners, the PCC crime survey and feedback from our community.

These priorities do not replace those local priorities raised at community meetings. The priorities are updated monthly and reviewed quarterly

The priorities for this quarter remain the same as the previous quarter namely serious violence, acquisitive crime and drugs.

Serious Violence

This includes any violence where a serious injury is caused or where there is weapon enabled violence. All crime this month is down and violence is no exception however this is to be expected in the current COVID 19 lock down.

There have been no reported stabbings across the City South during April. We have had the Knife Crime Team deployed to the Meadows area for a sustained period but also to St Anns, Clifton and Sneinton.

June 2020

Violence with injury offences continue to fall on the year to date figures. There have been three incidents this month where three persons received knife injuries, one of which was domestic related and all the injuries were considered minor. We have had the knife crime team present in the area for most of May and it has just been agreed for this to continue for at least the first two weeks of June.

Acquisitive Crime

There have been a number of commercial breaks this month but a couple of good arrests were made following the report of a break in at the Lyca Mobile shop on Mansfield. Two males were detained at the scene after a window to the shop had been smashed and some of the property taken recovered nearby. The investigation into these males continues.

A robbery was reported in Sneinton whereby a male reported that he was threatened and his coat taken officers were quickly on the scene and three persons were arrested and the coat was recovered.

June 2020

We have seen increases across the board this month in comparison to last month and acquisitive crime is no exception. This is to be expected as the restrictions around lockdown are eased as more shops are open and more people are away from their homes which presents opportunities to criminals. Having said that the figures are still lower than I would expect for this time year particularly taking into account the good weather which always seems to have an impact on crime!


The Meadows team continue to tackle to drug supply in the area and our numbers have been bolstered by the presence of the knife crime team for the past three weeks. We have some good results over the last few months and we are keen to maintain that momentum to send out a clear message that drug dealing will not be tolerated. To that end we have executed 3 drugs warrants this month, made 5 arrests following intelligence led stops on the street with 3 of these were for possession with intent to supply drugs in addition two other persons were reported for summons.

June 2020

The team have executed three drugs warrants this month the first on Redcliffe Road in Mapperley where Class A drugs were seized and a male arrested for concerned in the supply of both Class A and B drugs.

A further warrant was executed on Bluebell Hill Road on Tuesday (02/06) following a man being stopped on Gordon Road. We have had our eye on this particular character for a while and previous warrants had proved unsuccessful on this occasion he was not so lucky. After running from officers he was detained and found in possession of what is believed to be crack cocaine and heroin further drugs were recovered after the warrant was executed at his address and a female also arrested. Pc’s Browne and Whiting who were involved in the arrests remained on duty to deal with the prisoners eventually charging and remanding them around 4am – a long long shift.

Additonally a warrant was executed on Chisbury Green in Clifton where an arrest was made for breach of a Court Order.