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City South Priorities for July to September 2020

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July 2020

The City South comprises of the St Ann’s, Mapperley, Clifton, Meadows and Sneinton and Dales areas. Whilst each area is very different a number of overarching strategic priorities have been identified through analysis of crime, consultation with partners, the PCC crime survey and feedback from our community.

These priorities do not replace those local priorities raised at community meetings. The priorities are updated monthly and reviewed quarterly. The City South areas have such different demogrpahics each area has its own issues and problems therefore in order to capture all the elements raised the priorities are deliberately non specific to ensure they remain relevant to all.

The priorities for this quarter remain the same as the previous quarter namely serious violence, acquisitive crime and drugs.


We have had a busy June executing 6 warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act across the area recovering Class A drugs, namely crack cocaine and heroin and at one address 312 cannabis plants. We have started July on the front foot and have already executed 6 warrants this month.Op Baxter which was set up to tackle drugs in the Meadows has come to a natural conclusion following the funding being spent, we are however, still focussed on talking drugs in the area. We are not seeing the phone boxes on Risley Drive and Launder Street being used as much as previously however I have been recently been made aware of some renewed concern regarding their use and as such I am looking to revisit the phone box issue.Following the public offer of a reward Callum Nugent of St Anns was arrested on the 27th of June and subsequently charged and remanded for 7 offences including possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine.


In conjunction with Derbyshire police a number of warrants were executed across Derby and Notts resulting in nine drug related arrests. Three of the addresses searched were in the St Anns area. Five of those arrested were charged and remanded with drugs offences whilst the others were released on bail. A large amount of drugs and cash was seized as part of the Op.


This month the Neighbourhood Policing Team have continued to patrol drug hotspots within the Meadows. We have been out on patrol with the local MP Lillian Greenwood showing her the work we are doing and we have conducted a Drugs Act warrant relating to activity in the area. The NPT have used a Dispersal Authority to stop known drug users from coming into the Meadows area to purchase drugs and in doing so causing ASB for residents.

A Drugs Act warrant was executed last week at an address in Sneinton Hermitage where cash was recovered and a quantity of Class A drugs. The NPT have been involved in trying to resolve, in conjunction with partners, a number of different issues linked to this address.

The Clifton Neighbourhood Policing Team have responded to an increase in reports of drug misuse and drug dealing around the tram stop / Ferry pub area of Wilford. The team have placed the area on a patrol plan for regular patrols and then conducted a day of action on the 26th of August. This involved a drugs warrant being executed and officers patrolling the area in plain clothes. A male was detained and an investigation continues with regard to this male supplying drugs. Officers have continued to run proactive patrols in this area during the evenings and are pleased to note the area is significantly quieter. 

The occupants of an address on Blue Bell Hill Road have recently been sentenced for drugs offences with the male offender being sentenced to 3 years and 4 months and his female partner 5 months – another good result for the team.  We will now work with our colleagues in City Homes and Community Protection to evict the tenant in an effort to prevent any future dealing in the area.

Serious Violence

We continue to be committed to tackling knife crime and other serious violence and look to respond quickly to reports of violence involving weapons or serious injury.  On the 5th July a female received injuries following being driven at by a car at the Crusader public house, her injuries were not life threatening and a male was arrested shortly after and was charged and remanded for related offences.There was a scene put in place on Sneinton Boulevard on the 27th June and I am aware this reported in the news as a stabbing however we now believe the injury was in fact caused from broken glass after the victim climbed out of window. His injuries were neither life altering nor life threatening. A suspect was arrested quickly after the incident was reported. A scene was in place on the road for a shirt period whilst initial enquiries were undertaken.


There were three incidents where a person received an injury from a knife, none of the injuries were considered life altering or life threatening. One of the incidents was domestic and one related to a neighbour dispute and in both of these incidents arrests were made shortly after the report. The victim in the third incident did not engage with the police.This month sees the welcome return of the Op Scorpion funding which allows additional policing targeted at tackling knife.


We have had the Knife Crime Team present in the area following a successful bid and we continue to target those individuals that are known to be weapons carriers.

The year to date figure show that violence with injury is down by 5.2% compared to the same period the previous year this equates to 25 less victims which is clearly good news

Acquisitive Crime

We have seen an increase in acquisitive crime with shop theft, bicycle theft and also robbery all seeing small increases. Clifton continues to be the hot spot in the area for shop theft largely due to having more shops and the Neighbourhood team continue to review the thefts and identify and target those prolific offenders. We have also been successful in relocating two well-known offenders, who tended to target shed and garages from Clifton to another area.


We have had a slight increase in the number of burglaries in the Sneinton this month but following some good work from the burglary team a male were arrested for 3 offences, two of which were in the Sneinton area and the other just across the border in Carlton. The male had only been released from prison in May and now he is back there after being charged and remanded with one of the offences, the investigation continues on the other two cases.A male was identified by the NPT and arrested for numerous shop thefts after targeting Co-Op’s in the Meadows and Sneinton areas, this male was subsequently charged with a number of offences of shop theft.


The Robbery Team based at St Anns had a fantastic result in charging and remanding two males with 42 offences linked to robberies across Nottingham, Beeston and Skegness. The seriousness of the robberies was escalating and some involved weapons, of the 42 offences 18 occurred on the City South area so this was a fantastic result in ridding the streets of two dangerous individuals.

There had been a spike in burglaries in the Sneinton area during August but the male who we believe to be responsible has been recalled to prison and since then there have been no similar offences in the area.