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City South Priorities October to December 2020

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November 2020

The City South comprises of the St Ann’s, Mapperley, Clifton, Meadows and Sneinton and Dales areas. Whilst each area is very different a number of overarching strategic priorities have been identified through analysis of crime, consultation with partners, the PCC crime survey and feedback from our community.

These priorities do not replace those local priorities raised at community meetings. The priorities are updated monthly and reviewed quarterly. The City South areas have such different demogrpahics each area has its own issues and problems therefore in order to capture all the elements raised the priorities are deliberately non specific to ensure they remain relevant to all.

The priorities for this quarter remain the same as the previous quarter namely serious violence, acquisitive crime and drugs. It is important to note that these priorities do not replace any local issues or concerns which we are still committed to tackling.


The Meadows team working alongside the Op Reacher team have set up Op Autograph to tackle drugs in the area. Op Autograph looks to target those involved in drug dealing and violence in the Meadows area. As part of the Operation the team were supported by officers from Clifton NPT on the 20th of October and a male, who is well known to us, was arrested after he attempted to discard a large knife after being stopped by officers who believed he was dealing drugs.

A warrant was executed on Middle Furlong Gardens on the 2nd of November. This was followed by pro-active patrols being undertaken on the 4th of November with two arrests being made, one for driving offences and the other for failing to appear at Court.

The City South Reacher team has been working alongside the Clifton Beat Team since their introduction in October. This has enabled further work to be done around the Wilford/Meadows drugs issues (Op Rainlily). As a result a Meadows drug dealer was arrested.

Lastly a cannabis grow was discovered by the St Anns team following a warrant that executed on the 23rd of October on Mansfield Road, an investigation is currently underway into this offence.


The Meadows team continue to focus on drugs and in conjunction with the Op Reacher team have been conducting pro-active patrols as part of Operation Autograph. As part of Op Autograph officers in a mix of plain clothes and uniform sighted a male on a bike on the 10th of November acting suspiciously on the Toll bridge. Upon seeing the uniformed officers he turned and cycled straight into the plain clothes officers who happily detained him! The 30 yr old male was wanted on a number of warrants and was in possession of around 30-40 wraps of Class A. He was arrested, charged with possession with intent to supply heroin and cocaine and remanded to Court.

On the 19th of November the knife crime team detained a male in an alleyway near Meredith Close, 15 wraps of Class A were recovered nearby and the male arrested. A search of his address resulted in around 100 wraps of Class A being recovered. A remand decision was sought but not supported by CPS and so further investigation is required. We believe that this male is responsible for dealing around the Bosworth Walk area.

Earlier in the month, on the 11th of November, the team had successfully stopped another male in possession of around 50 Class A deals he was not as lucky and was charged and remanded into custody.

As a result of information from the local community we have executed warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act on Little John Walk, Parkdale Road and Fleming Gardens and we continue to listen to residents’ concerns and where possible take action.

Serious Violence

Violence with injury is down 2.6% in the year to date figures which is good news and there have been no serious assaults in the area this period.Whilst not an assault per se I wanted to give an update regarding police action following the serious RTC on the 11th of October where an elderly gentleman was knocked over by an off road bike driving dangerously in the Clifton area. As a result we set Op Scribbler in an effort to tackle the issue of Off Road bikes in the Clifton and Meadows area. The Force Off Road Bike Team has been running Days of action on consecutive Sundays  as part of Op Scribbler. As a result an off road bike has been seized and the rider reported for traffic offences and 3 further males arrested for non-traffic matters. A further off road bike was seized earlier in the month by the NPT following information received.A male responsible for a series of assaults on the Clifton estate has been arrested, charged and remanded to prison and is currently awaiting trial.


The number of violence with injury offences remains below the same period last year.

Following incidents on the 13th of 14th of November in St Anns a 32 year man has been charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, affray criminal damage and breach of a restraining order. The male was remanded into custody. A further arrest has been made in relation to this incident with the male being charged with public order offences.

Acquisitive Crime

There have been good reductions in burglary 23.1%, theft 12.7% and vehicle crime 29.4% which in total equates to 316 less victims of crime.Only robbery has seen a slight increase with 2 more offences of robbery of personal property and these offences are reviewed and investigated by the dedicated robbery team currently based at St Anns.


The Clifton team recognised that the same male was responsible for a series of shops thefts around the area, they gathered the evidence and actively sought the male who was arrested and charged with 24 offences and remanded to appear before the Court.

The burglary team have made three fantastic arrests in relation to burglaries this month; the first relates to a male who befriended elderly and vulnerable people and has been linked to offences across the city including one in the Meadows and St Anns. The male was charged with 4 offences and remanded to prison by the Court. The second relates to a male who entered the home of an 88 year lady in Clifton and stole jewellery he is currently on bail whilst an investigation continues into this offence. The third concerns a male believed to be responsible for a number of breaks around the Clifton area whilst detectives continue to investigate these offences but since his arrest there have been no further similar offences.