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July 2020

Due to the current coronavirus issue the local Policing priority setting meeting has been delayed , but with agreement of our partners it has been agreed that the previous set priorities will remain for the City West area.

  1. Acquisitive
    Crime, which includes Residential Burglary, Robbery and Auto crime Offences

  2. Anti-Social
    Behaviour including Criminal Damage.



Identified as a priority

Burglary is an invasive crime
which aside from financial loss causes significant upset to victims. Often the
psychological impact is far worse than the loss of property. Victims often
describe that they feel ‘violated’ following a burglary. People should always
feel safe in their homes and therefore burglary will remain a priority for us
on the City West.

What we are doing:

We are carrying out patrols
in hotspot locations. We are targeting known and prolific offenders working
together with the Force burglary team. We are attending all dwelling burglaries
and ensure that victims are safeguarded. We maximise forensic and investigative
opportunities to identify suspects who will be prioritised. We refer victims to
support services and work together with partners at Nottingham City Council to
provide advice and crime reduction measures. We ensure that known offenders are
appropriately supervised where possible to reduce the risk of re-offending.

July Update

Our current year to date performance shows that Dwelling Burglary offences on the City West area have reduced by 4 fewer victims or 4% We continue to work hard on reducing this further .


Identified as a priority

Robbery is a highly personal and impactive crime and
unfortunately often aligned to the carrying and use of weapons. Victims of this
crime are often left traumatised and nervous.

What we are doing:

We treat the investigation of Robbery offences
extremely seriously and deploy the golden hour investigative principle. All
available resources will be flooded into the area with the intention of
detaining the suspect. This tactic results in high arrest rates for Robbery
offences and also ensures that the maximum amount of evidence is also captured.
The investigation will be led by an experienced CID officer. We also deploy
crime pattern analysis to target and task Officers into the most affected
locations and work with partners to improve environmental aspects of locations
where repeat offences may have occurred.

July  Update

We are now in a position of  being equal in terms of  offences of Robbery across the West .


Identified as a priority

Auto crime offences also have
a significant effect on victims. Theft from/of motor vehicle often causes
financial loss to victims and has an effect on their livelihood. Victims suffer
the personal effects knowing that a private motor vehicle has often been
entered and searched. Some auto crime offenders use technology to
compromise ‘keyless entry’ vehicles meaning that they can be easily entered,
searched or stolen without often leaving a trace.

What we are doing:

We are carrying out
high-visibility and plain clothes patrols in key areas in order to deter
offending and to identify those committing auto crime offences within the 5
wards. We will together with partners to provide crime prevention advice and
crime prevention measures such as improved CCTV coverage. We will target repeat
offenders to reduce the risk of reoffending in the City West.

July  Update

Across the West auto crime offences are showing large reductions with 19 fewer offences year to date or 20 %  reduction.



Identified as a priority because: 

Anti-social behaviour has a real effect on victims and the community. Often people become repeat victims and require support from the police and partner agencies. We know that anti-social behaviour is a priority for the local community and has a significant effect on people’s lives. Anti-social behaviour also leads to other offences such as Criminal Damage and Assault and this can lead to lasting harm. Anti-social behaviour affects victim’s quality of life and without intervention of the police or partner agencies this often goes on for an extended period of time. 

What we are doing:

We have identified key areas to target high visibility patrols. We are working together with our Community Protection colleagues to identify and deal with perpetrators. Our Schools officer is providing educational inputs at local academies in order to reduce the likelihood of ASB. We are also working with partner agencies to support detached youth work in the City West which will provide diversion opportunities. We are also working with private and social housing sectors to deal with those who cause nuisance through excessive noise. We risk assess repeat victims and ensure that appropriate support agencies are involved where required


Identified as a priority because

Experience tells us that a proportion of Criminal Damage Offences is intrinsically linked to ASB and as above affects the whole community and feel of safety.

What we are doing:

As a neighbourhood team we review all crimes and incidents of damage and look for investigative opportunities to identify the offenders and bring them to justice. We also use this information along with the calls reporting ASB to target patrols. We sit with partners on a monthly basis and review activity which also gives us an opportunity to target any youth provision or other support services.

July Update

As lock down across the country has been eased we are dealing with a small number of pop up parties across the City and also planning on working with the licensed premises on the area as they open up .  

Our statistics for ASB incidents have risen considerably and we will probably show a significant increase this year , but I want to reassure you that this is due to the number of reports we received during lock down about persons not observing the conditions and breaching the COVID regulations .

  Criminal damage offences has also reduced across the City West area by 19% or 40 fewer crimes .