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Gedling Priorities

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January 2020

Gedling Priorities:  April 2020 – June 2020

Priorities for this quarter have been identified following a ‘Local Policing Priority Setting Meeting’.  The priorities have been identified by reviewing community feedback from the ‘OPCC Crime and Disorder Survey’, crime and incident data, feedback from elected members and as the result of engagement with local communities. Three priorities have been identified for the Gedling Borough and this page will be updated with policing activity against the priorities. This will happen on a monthly basis until the priorities are reviewed in June 2020.



Identified as a priority because:

Burglary is an invasive crime which aside from financial loss causes significant upset to victims. Often the psychological impact is far worse than the loss of property. Victims often describe that they feel ‘violated’ following a burglary. People should always feel safe in their homes and therefore burglary will remain a priority for us within the Gedling Borough. This year to date we have had an additional 34 reports of residential dwelling burglary therefore this will continue to be a priority.

What we are doing:

We are carrying out patrols in hotspot locations. We are targeting known and prolific offenders working together with the County burglary team and other force resources. We are attending all dwelling burglaries and ensure that victims are safeguarded. We maximise forensic and investigative opportunities to identify suspects who will be prioritised. We refer victims to support services and work together with partners at Gedling Borough Council to provide advice and crime reduction measures. We ensure that known offenders are appropriately supervised where possible to reduce the risk of re-offending. We will utilise local and social media to raise awareness of burglary and crime prevention opportunities.


Identified as a priority because:

The OPCC survey conducted across the Gedling Borough has identified that concerns around Drug Supply and use are increasing. Drug dealing has a significant impact on the local community and is often a precursor to more serious crimes such as violence and other acquisitive crime. Often drug users will commit offences such as burglary/autocrime and shop theft in order to fund drug habits therefore the impact on the local community cannot be underestimated. Drug use and supply is closely linked to overall reported ‘Anti-social behaviour’ and increased activity in this area of policing may have an impact on overall reported crime and anti-social behaviour.

What we are doing:

We are carrying out high-visibility and plain clothes patrols in locations known for drug use and supply. Officers are reviewing intelligence received which will be assessed and prioritised for enforcement action. We have carried out a number of proactive drugs warrants and these will continue. This work will be expanded with the introduction of Operation Reacher into the Gedling area. We are working with our schools officers to provide education around drug use in our local schools, particularly given that it is linked to more serious crime. We are also working with our partners to deal with substance misuse in the local community. We will use social media to publish results of enforcement action and will look to work closely with partners to take further action around prolific offenders which may involve the use of closure orders or criminal behaviour orders.

Shop Theft

Identified as a priority because:

There has been a significant rise in shop theft across the Gedling Borough in the last year with an additional 67 offences reported or a 16% rise in offending. We know that offenders responsible for shop theft are sometimes involved in other acquisitive crime such as burglary and autocrime therefore targeted activity in this area may result in a reduction in other areas of crime. We also know that a number of shop thefts go unreported therefore offending rates may be higher than recorded.

What we are doing:

We are carrying out high-visibility patrols in hotspot areas. We are working closely with CCTV operators at Gedling Borough Council and local stores to identify and deal with those involved in shop theft with positive action being taken. We are working closely with local businesses to provide crime prevention advice particularly at times of the year when shop theft offences increase. We are working with partners and the CPS to consider Criminal Behaviour Orders where offenders are considered to be prolific. We are establishing working relationships with local businesses in order to share information regarding prolific offenders and we are currently working with the co-op to deliver a pilot scheme which will see a greater emphasis on sharing information.

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