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NOTTINGHAM CITY CENTRE - DRUGS (Dealing and abuse) St Peters Square

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December 2018

Drugs (dealing and abuse)
St Peters Square

This priority relates to the use of Mamba in and around St Peters Square. There is a notable presence of Mamba users in this space because of the close proximity of a telephone kiosk where deals can be arranged and this area is not easily accessible to police vehicles. There is a needle exchange venue nearby, so conveniant for Mamba users.  The local Church provides a soup kitchen every Wednesday which encourages Mamba users to congregate in the local area.

Concerns have been raised by local businesses and residents around St Peters Square as it is having an  impact on their quality of life.

Positive Policing measures have taken place in the form of both overt and covert patrols in the area and a number of dealers and users have been arrested. However, we are currently working towards a more holistic approach which involves a partnership approach with
Council, BID (Business Improvement District), Probation, mental healh, housing providers and out reach programmes.

We are engaged with the local church to ensure they are able to provide their charitable service without impacting on the quality of life of people working, living and visiting Nottingham City Centre.

There will be a noticeable increase in police presence and we will keep you posted on how this initative is developing.


As of today there will be daily police presence at St Peters Square  when the City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team is on duty. You will see us set up a gazebo and CCTV  to take back the ground from drug user and dealers. Please feel free to approach and engage in conversation. This will send a strong message to mamba users/dealers that this behaviour will no longer be tolerated. This will deter offences and reassure members of the public and local businesses. I have also assigned a new Sgt to the team to identify proactive enforcement  to ensure we take the dealers off the streets. 1st of Nov is the first day of the initiative and I will keep you updated.  There will be a partnership meeting towards the end of November where we will discuss our finding and interventions.


The Police marquee has been deployed for about 4 weeks and local businesses have reported an improvement around St Peters Square. Officers have enjoyed engaging with you  all and are looking forward to continuing with this initiative. The purpose of the marquee is to reassure the local community and to prevent offences. There is no doubt that mamba user have been displaced and will seek to target a different area in the City Centre. We will be there to meet and greet!!

Through early morning patrols we have arrested a number of mamba user and dealers, improving our intelligence picture of the issue. We have formed a new proactive City Centre team who will target all forms of criminality and ASB. The make up of the team is a combination of response and neighbourhood officers with a Sergeant at the helm. Experienced officers with good knowledge of the Cty Centre will make a difference. I look forward to reporting the results in due course.


I recently conducted a walk around  St Peters Street  and spoke to the local vicar and businesses in the area. I am pleased to say that things have improved. Businesses are reporting a significant improvement with no one "zombied out" and a reduction of Anti Social Behaviour. There is no doubt that  drug activity has been displaced and with the introduction of our new proactive team, they are targetting the areas where drug users  /dealers are frequenting. I would like to thank the local community for their support and reassure you that our focus will continue to ensure Nottm City Centre is a safe place to live, work and visit. I believe the St Peters Street area needs to be monitored for a while longer to ensure dealers /users don't return. 

Operation Guardian has been in full swing during December with 3 seperate days of action. During the post recent operation four persons were arrested; three for possessing drugs with intent to supply and one for being in possession of a knife in a public place. These operations will continue throughout 2019 and no doubt continue to yield some really good results.


has yielded some fantastic results in the City Centre. Op RELENTLESS is a plain
clothes proactive operation running in Nottingham City Centre with four police
officers and a sergeant. The operation aims to tackle drug use and dealing in
the City Centre as well as other offences. It
has been in effect since November 2018 and in that time over 150 crimes have
been recorded including over 85 instances of possession / possession with
intent to supply Class A and Class B drugs and 11 instances of possession of
offensive weapons / knives. There
have also been over 35 further arrests for suspects who were wanted for a
number of other offences as well as interaction with Community Protection
regarding solutions and information sharing concerning helping the drug users
in the City Centre.


Operation Relentless continues to work in this area and we have changed some of the staff in the Operation as their faces were becoming too familiar with the offenders they were targeting. They did a fantastic job but were literally a victim of their own success.

The improvements in the vicinity have continued and the action around St Peter's Square did cause some displacement down Lister Gate, notably around some doorways to closed stores. However some excellent work, particularly by our colleagues in Community Protection, has resulted in measures being taken to board off those doorways which seems to have had an immediate positive effect.

We will continue to work with our partners in this area - diverting into treatment any drug users who are willing to accept such help and continuing to prosecute those who refuse such help.


The efforts
of Operation Relentless and the Neighbourhood Police Team in relation to St
Peter’s Square have been on-going for several months now.

officers have dealt with 360 drug related offences, the vast majority being for
Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonist
(commonly known as MAMBA) and those efforts combined with the partnership work
we have done with the City Council Community Protection Officers have greatly
improved the situation and there has been a notable decrease in reports from
the public in the area.

Whilst we will remain vigilant to the issues
in this area, as we are aware that some of the problems will have been
displaced rather than resolved, we will now look to set a new priority, in
order to ensure we are utilizing our resources as effectively as possible.

As such this will be the last update on this