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Operation Vow: Protecting the public in Newark Town Centre

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October 2018

We regularly monitor local crime trends and through our tasking and performance process we have identified crime increases and made it our priority to tackle that, ensuring Newark continues to be a safe place to work, live and visit.  This priority has also been raised by the local community, elected members and our partner agencies.

We have since undertaken extensive analytical work to ensure we correctly identify the issues. As a result we have developed Operation Vow, which aims to solve the problems, long-term.

We will be looking to work with partners including the district council and commissioned drug services to develop the operation and problem solve specific issues encountered.

Op Vow will include overt and covert police patrols. We have a whole host of tools to use with our partners to battle this problem, from prosecutions for criminal offences, to Criminal Behaviour Orders and reviews over housing tenancy’s for those who have a negative impact on our community. If CBOs are breached, we arrest the perpetrators and place them before the court. Repeat offenders often end-up spending several months in prison where further rehabilitation work can take place. We have been training officers in the use of drug drive screening tests and interrogating mobile phones, to ensure they have the required tools to secure convictions against those to commit serious crimes.

Newark has a number of support services available who work to support drug and alcohol users out of addiction and support and protect vulnerable people. We are gathering intelligence around those who prey and exploit the vulnerable by supplying drugs, which in turn can feed acquisitive crime - an offence where the offender derives material gain from the crime, such as shop theft, burglary, robbery, theft.

I am pleased that our partners at Newark and Sherwood District Council are employing dedicated wardens to work in the town and look forward to working with them.

Op Vow is in the very early days of development and intelligence gathering and any support from the community is greatly appreciated.

If you have an information please contact us on 101, via social media, directly via the contact page or anonymously to Crimestoppers UK on 0800 555 111. You can also complete an anonymous online report via the Crimestoppers website.

I acknowledge that this priority is centred around Newark town centre, as that is the area we have identified as needing focus at this time. This does not take-away from any of the other issues and priorities in other areas and our beat team and partners are committed to all communities.

November Update:

As I have previously updated we
are in our intelligence gathering stage. Last week I sat down with the teams
and we looked at the relevant intelligence we have received lately. Some of it
needs further development, and we are putting activity plans together to
specifically respond other bits of intelligence. I can’t go into the details
just yet- we like to give our criminals the element of surprise! I will be able
to report on the outcomes of our actioned intelligence in the next update.

We have already disrupted a
drugs supply group, the offender has been in custody, our partners supported a
vulnerable person who was being exploited and the hard job now starts for the
police of gathering all the evidence and securing a prosecution against the

Did you know, the offence of
supplying class A drugs carries a maximum of life imprisonment! Class B supply
(this includes cannabis) carries a maximum of 14 years! Hefty sentences! Do you
or someone you know want to find out more about drug use and the impact, in
confidence? Talk to Frank, Live chat, text, phone, e-mail..... visit https://www.talktofrank.com/ for more

December Update:

Overt and covert foot and mobile patrols have been undertaken and there are plans in place for this to continue. The intelligence picture around the drugs supply and acquisitive crime (defined as an offence where the offender derives material gain from the crime, such as shoplifting, burglary, theft, and robbery) is now quite strong and allowing us to affect search warrants on property and conduct stop and searches of those we believe involved in this kind of offending. Stop and Search always creates a debate as it is a subject so many feel passionate about, head over to https://www.gov.uk/police-powers-to-stop-and-search-your-rights to keep you informed.

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