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Serious violence (historic)

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October 2016

There have been a number of well publicised incidents of serious violence within St Ann’s most notably two incidents where shotguns were discharged and a male being stabbed on Robin Hood Chase all resulting in people receiving injuries.

Whilst incidents of this nature are uncommon it does reflect a national increase in knife crime and the impact on the Community is significant. As a result these incidents have been raised and discussed at Community meetings and in public forums.

Some of the incidents that occurred were linked to a group in St Anns falling out with a group that was loosely associated with Radford. Following these incidents the police have made numerous arrests, recovered several firearms and increased police presence in the area. This has had an impact and there have been no firearms discharged or serious stabbings in St Anns, linked to the groups since July.

It was apparent that those involved in the violence were becoming younger and so we are working closely with our partners, schools and other agencies to identify opportunities to engage with youths within the community. A dedicated schools officer has recently started and has responsibility for the Academy and will be delivering inputs around knife crime.

Operation Sceptre was a week of action took place where open areas were searched for weapons, knife bins were placed in prominent locations and test purchases of knives were conducted to ensure they were not being sold to anyone underage.

Whilst the number of serious violence offences has significantly reduced since July such was there impact that serious violence remains our priority and we continue to work hard to do everything possible to prevent any further offences.

If you have any concerns around people you may know carrying weapons or have witnessed any serious violence please contact the police on 999 in the case of emergency or on the 101 number. Alternatively, contact your local Neighbourhood officer, Facebook or Twitter.