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Rural crime

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Rural crime security survey

Burglars often break into premises which are easy targets. Use our downloadable rural crime security survey to assess how good the security is in and around your farm.

Rural crime prevention advice

Equine security

1) Vehicle Security

  • Don’t leave your horsebox unattended at shows, with your doors open and the ramp down. This leaves the box and all your possessions open to theft.
  • Don’t think your horsebox is safe parked on your yard. Lock all doors and ramps at all times.
  • Consider fitting an alarm and immobiliser.
  • Fitting a ‘Tracker’ will assist in the recovery of your vehicle.

2) Trailer Security

  • Covertly mark your trailer on the roof and the side with a unique number to help you identify it.
  • Wheel clamps are a simple but effective deterrent.
  • The ‘A Frame’ enables you to fix the trailer to the ground.
  • A lockable coupling and postcodes on the drawbar are extra measures worth considering.

3) Horse Security

Every year the number of horse thefts increases. Thieves are put off if the animal is easily identifiable.

Several methods are available:

  • Freeze Marking
  • Microchipping
  • Hoof Branding
  • DNA Analysis (Genotyping)

It also helps to have:

  • Identification Diagram
  • Good Quality Photographs

4) Tack Security

  • Keeping your tack securely locked away is the best measure. For your saddle you can purchase saddle locks.
  • Marking your tack with your postcode is another method approved and used extensively by police forces nationwide.
  • Simply use the postcode of your home or stables, followed by the number of the premises. If there is no number use the first two letters of the name instead. Your postcode and house number/name is unique to one property.
  • There are several ways you can postcode your tack:
  • Freeze branding your postcode onto your saddle
  • Microchipping your saddle and bridle
  • Letter dies onto your bridle
  • Engraving
  • Letter stamps to imprint the leather
  • Sandblast the postcode onto tack

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