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Cyber stalking checklist

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Stalking can manifest itself online. This could be monitoring your social media, your emails, in home devices, what you are searching online & location monitoring. Hacking or gaining unauthorised access to an online account/device is a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act and can be reported through Action Fraud.

To help you through what may feel like a very scary situation we’ve pulled together some tips to help you become more secure complete our cyber stalking checklist below.

If you’ve attended one of our presentations or you have reviewed our advice, we’d appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes to complete our survey as this will help us to highlight any gaps or know if we are doing everything ok? 

Complete our survey here.

Our Cyber Protect officers have created a checklist that provides people with all the information required to best protect you from cyber stalking.

To download the checklist, click the link below.