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Emergency planning: Preparing your business

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The 1996 Manchester bombing had a devastating affect on local businesses. With a 700 metre cordon, the bomb affected over 600 businesses. Within six months, 250 of these had gone out of business.

Find out how can you help your business to be one of the survivors:

Preparing a Business Continuity Plan

Many of the businesses that survived the Manchester bomb had Business Continuity Management plans in place - however, it has been assessed that businesses affected by a disaster that do not have a plan in place only have a 50% chance of surviving the following 12 months.

The charity Business in the Community has more information about business resilience and you can take their Readiness Test to discover simple actions that can help to make your business more able to cope with disruption.

Further resources in business continuity can be found at a number of websites including:

The National Cyber Security Centre, MI5, the gov.uk website and of course, the Business Continuity Institute.

Follow the link in the useful documents section at the bottom of this page for further advice on creating a business continuty plan.

Project Argus

The UK is currently facing the most serious and sustained threat from International Terrorism ever known.

The threat is real, ever present and enduring. The events of 2005 and subsequent operations have shown that it is vital that all agencies enhance their capability and capacity to deal with this threat.

At the same time domestic extremism - which incorporates animal rights, political extremism and other extremist activity - also poses significant dangers to the social and economic well being of the country.

The police have a key role in the effort to counter terrorism, but cannot combat it alone: effective working with the full spectrum of partners, stakeholders and the community will be critical to our success in protecting the UK.

If you run a business in the city centre, contact Nottingham City Council to get involved with Project Argus, a programme to help you improve the resilience of your own organisation, and to improve city centre community safety.

What are the risks we face?

In order to be prepared, businesses need to be aware of the risks that they face. There are National and Local Community Risk Registers produced and published which tell people about the types of risks that we all face and how these might affect us.

Further information about business resilience planning is available at the gov.uk website.

Useful documents

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Advice on how communities and individuals can prepare for winter weather.