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What happens once I've applied for a job vacancy?

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Information on what happens next once you've applied for a job vacancy with Nottinghamshire Police:

Pre-short listing

Application forms will be paper sifted to ensure they have been completed correctly. Any missing information will result in rejection and the application will not be taken through to further stages of the process.

Information highlighted around previous redundancy from the Force, Financial or Criminal Convictions will be passed to the Vetting department to check eligibility to continue through the process.

Short listing

Successful applications will be short listed by a recruitment panel of two members who will assess applications against a number of criteria in line with the job description and person specification.

Job related assessment, if applicable

If successful at short listing, applicants may be required to attend a job-related assessment. This could be a question paper, test, presentation, role play or an assessment day containing a number of assessments relating to the job description and person specification.

The assessment may be held prior to or on the same day of the interview. The details of the assessment and notification will be given with a minimum notice of once week in advance.


Applicants successful at the short listing and/or assessment stage will be invited to attend an in force interview, containing a minimum of two panel members. The interview will be in line with the job description and person specification.

The Force PROUD values will be assessed throughout the interview. A minimum of one weeks’ notice will be given for an invite to interview.

Pre-employment checks

A number of pre-employment checks will be carried out before start date and contract can be issued, these include:

  • Vetting security checks

Certain roles require a higher level of vetting due to the nature of the environment. If applicable this will be stated on the advert.

  • Three years’ worth of references

Where possible, Nottinghamshire Police will try to obtain three years' worth of employment. Where this is not possible, academic and character references will be looked at. 

  • Pre-employment medical clearance

Pre-employment medical clearance will be conducted via a medical questionnaire which will be paper sifted and, if necessary, appointment with the Occupational Health Department.

  • Drugs testing, if applicable

Certain roles require drugs testing which will be conducted by Alere Toxicology in which samples of hair are collected and analysed to determine whether any substances may be present that could affect the safety, performance or behaviour of that person in the workplace.) If applicable, this will be stated on the advert.

  • Biometric finger prints/DNA samples

Biometric finger prints/DNA samples will be taken for certain roles such as Crime Scene Investigation and some Senior Management posts.