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Working for us - PCSO Kat Cook

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Helping vulnerable people and making a difference to people's lives is what award-winning Nottinghamshire Police officer Kat Cook enjoys most about her role as a PCSO.

PCSO Cook, who covers the Ashfield South District, is the Force’s dedicated officer on a multi-agency Vulnerable Persons' Panel, is a District Safeguarding Officer and also works within the Neighbour Policing Hub in Ashfield.

She was also formerly part of a Business Crime Team in Hucknall, before it disbanded, and has also been involved in local Shopwatch and Pubwatch campaigns.

Last year her efforts were recognised when she was named 'PCSO of the Year' at Nottinghamshire Police's annual awards ceremony.

During her career as a PCSO Kat has learned a number of investigative skills, adding that the 'opportunities are there' for potential new PCSO recruits to also develop in their roles.

She said: "As a PCSO I do a lot of intervention and investigative work. I like problem solving, getting involved in things and knowing exactly what is happening in my area. It could be a small piece of information that links into something much bigger."

"Being a PCSO you are the eyes and ears on the ground within your community. You always need to be alert and observant."

"As a PCSO I think you have to be a compassionate person and you also need to be versatile. We deal with such a variety of people, some of whom are in very difficult situations and live chaotic lives. You have to be able to cope with whatever the situation throws at you."

"You also need to be open-minded, non-judgemental, and be able to listen to people and empathise with them."

She added: "As a PCSO there's no such thing as a typical day. You come in and never know what incidents you're going to be involved with. You get great job satisfaction in being able to help people and make a positive difference to their lives."

Nottinghamshire Police is now recruiting for PCSOs, with applications closing at midnight on Friday 18 August 2017.

As a PCSO you will be able to develop your skills in dealing with people and will gain job satisfaction from making a difference in your community.

Every day you will see how your role makes a positive contribution to local policing, solving issues that affect quality of life for the community and making your community stronger and safer.

Working alongside regular police officers, you will have a key role in making local neighbourhoods safer and through your presence help the community feel safer.

You might need to step-in to calm an argument in the street, or you could be running a meeting for residents who are worried about the impact the redevelopment of land could have on their community.

You could be the first member of the police service that deals with an individual causing nuisance or behaving in an antisocial way - talking to them, building a rapport and influencing their behaviour.

If you’d like to apply to become a PCSO, click the link below.