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Working for us - Customer Service Advisor Romel Davis

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Customer Service Advisor - Romel Davis

What is your role?

I am a customer service advisor within the Contact Management department, working in the control room at Nottinghamshire Police Headquarters.

When did you join Nottinghamshire Police? 

I joined in November 2013, so just over three years at the Force.

Why did you join Nottinghamshire Police?

I joined the Force to help people and to make a difference with how the organisation is perceived to ethnic minorities.

Have you had to face any challenging/new experiences? 

Every day brings its own challenges and every day is different. Obviously some phone calls can be very serious and challenging.

In the past I’ve spoken to members of the public when they are threatening suicide or self-harm. Knowing you have no physical way of stopping them from doing it and managing to keep them as calm as possible and distract them until support arrives is very challenging.

What’s been your proudest moment? 

I’d say it’s from those challenging experiences. I can remember speaking to a male who stated he had a firearm and was going to kill himself, I managed to calm him down before officers arrived on the scene. The outcome was that no one was injured or harmed and obviously it gives me huge job satisfaction that we could make a difference.

What does a typical day at work look like for you? 

Every day is busy, from the moment you start your shift until the end.

My role generally involves answering emergency and non-emergency calls from the public and also answering calls from other colleagues, agencies and organisations such as schools and the ambulance service.

During your time at Nottinghamshire Police, which different roles have you been involved in? 

Currently I am involved in a project around positive action and trying to make the application and recruitment process to represent all the communities we serve.

What’s the best part of your role? 

Supporting the public and helping them is hugely rewarding but supporting and assisting officers on the frontline apprehending offenders of crime is certainly the best part of the job.

What would you say to anyone looking to follow in your footsteps? 

It can be a stressful demanding job, but if you want an insight into the world of policing and a long, worthy, rewarding career please join us.