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Working for us - Dispatcher - Helen

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Dispatcher – Helen 

What is your role?

I am a dispatcher within the control room at Nottinghamshire Police Headquarters.

When did you join Nottinghamshire Police? 

I joined in September 2014 as a Risk Assessment Administrator within the Multi Agency Service Hub and then moved into the Control room in 2015, taking up the role of Dispatcher in January 2017.

Why did you join Nottinghamshire Police?

I joined the Force as I have always had an interest in Policing and helping others and feel this is a good way to gain a lot of experience within a large organisation.

Have you had to face any challenging/new experiences? 

It was a new experience for me working in the Multi Agency Service Hub dealing with domestic abuse cases and then to deal directly with the public dealing with 999 calls was a new and very challenging experience. With the training and support available I felt I managed this quite well even when speaking with people who are threatening to harm themselves or others being able to calm them down until officers arrive and seeing a positive outcome is very rewarding.

After doing this role for a while I thought I was ready for a new challenge and applied for and got a position as a Dispatcher, again the training and support has been excellent as I have had to learn new ways of working and take on a different view of the work load I previously dealt with.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my training and feel I am getting quite proficient but the transition has been something I have needed to come to terms with due to the vast difference.

As a Customer Service Advisor it was more taking on face value what information was being passed during a call and making a decision on how to grade and trying to get this across to the dispatchers. As a Dispatcher it is now summarising that information, identifying best resources to attend and assessing and prioritising my work load to its full advantage.

What’s been your proudest moment? 

Being able to assist members of the public keeping them calm during stressful situations and offering reassurance until officers arrive. Knowing they have someone on the other end of the phone to keep talking to offers some form of comfort to them and instills confidence if they ever require the Police again. For me being thanked for just doing my job makes me proud of what I do.

What does a typical day at work look like for you? 

At start of the day, it is usually a quick catch up with work colleagues and making a drink from here I will be given a handover from the previous group highlighting any incidents of note or ones which are still ongoing or require further work. After this I will go through my work load and prioritise them according to vulnerability and availability and will then start to allocate them to the officers.

During the day I will regularly monitor the inbox for updates from officers who have attended incidents, review incoming work load and liaise with officers over the radio passing all relevant details to them and dealing with any requests they may have. As well as this when not taking the role as being on the radio I will also answer emergency and non-emergency calls from members of the public and other agencies.

During your time at Nottinghamshire Police, which different roles have you been involved in? 

I have previously worked within the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) as a Risk Assessment Administrator on the Domestic Abuse side, assessing Domestic forms and adding them on to the system to be logged.

I am now also assisting with the Positive Action to encourage those from various backgrounds to work for the force.

What’s the best part of your role? 

Assisting the public and officers to make a difference to the communities and seeing the right results is definitely a huge boost.

What would you say to anyone looking to follow in your footsteps? 

Definitely consider this role, it is demanding and at times can be stressful but is very rewarding the training given is very good and helps prepare you for the unexpected, there are always learning packages which can be completed to keep enhancing knowledge and there is always someone on hand to officer advise.

Being able to work with a vast amount of people and in a role where no day is the same can be challenging but also exciting and the opportunities to move around and progress are always available.