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Working for us - Sergeant Stephen Carr

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Stephen Carr PS 2550 - Response Sergeant at Worksop

What is your role?

I am Response Sgt at Worksop.

When did you join Nottinghamshire Police?

I joined around 2002 after transferring across from West Midlands Police. It’s been a fantastic 14 years or so, so far.

Why did you join Nottinghamshire Police?

I’ve always wanted to join the Force from an early age and working my local policing department was always my aim. By joining Notts Police, it gave me a real satisfaction - transferring closer to home.

Have you had to face any challenging/new experiences?

There are many challenges in this career and one that I believe all officers and staff enjoy and thrive on. The responsibility of looking after a team of officers on a daily basis I would say is the toughest, but also very rewarding for myself personally.

What’s been your proudest moment?

I was, and I am still very much proud of getting a chance to make a difference to the local area in this role. There are many stand out moments.

Joining the police obviously – making a dream come true.

And then progressing through and becoming a Sergeant.

Also the rewarding jobs that you are tasked with, including saving a woman`s life after she threw herself in Retford canal.

And lastly making my parents proud of me. I hope there will be many more proud moments to come.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Every day is different and you don’t always know what to expect when you start a shift, but typically my main roles and responsibilities are to deploy officers to incidents, reacting to incidents,  inputting data, working towards officer welfare and much more.

During your time at Nottinghamshire Police, which different roles/teams/projects have you been involved in?

In this role you get to work with and meet some fantastic people. I’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of projects.

The ones that stand out for me is working with the Neighbourhood team, CID, Officer trainer, Stinger trainer, Intoxilizer trainer, PSU team, Fast Road trainer, Protester Removal Team (PRT) specialists, Op Faldage & Op Kinetic.

What’s the best part of your role?

That’s a very difficult question as I enjoy the whole role. Like I’ve said before – it’s very rewarding.

What would you say to anyone looking to follow in your footsteps?

Just go for it!