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Working for us - Police Investigation Officer Georgina Fletcher

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Day in the life of Police Investigation Officer Georgina Fletcher

I joined Nottinghamshire Police in December 2006 as a Police Community Support Officer. In October 2015 I started my training to be able to work as a Police Investigation Officer and have been based at Worksop Police Station for the last year.

As a Police Investigation Officer, on the days that you cover appointments, you will interview the victims of crime booked in for that day either in their own home or at a police station convenient to them.  These crimes are varied and would include incidents reported of criminal damage, assaults, road traffic collisions, domestic violence, harassment and fraud among just a few.

Initial details are obtained and a formal statement taken from them, if required. If a crime has been committed then it is the responsibility of the Police Investigating Officer to record it appropriately and conduct a thorough investigation.

On the days that you do not cover the appointments, as a Police Investigation Officer you would be expected to investigate the crimes that you have pending, doing things such as conduct house to house enquires, take statements from witnesses and the locate and secure any possible evidence, for example CCTV. These enquiries can result in an offender being identified and interviewed regarding the allegation. A file would then need to be prepared for court.

I enjoy the interaction with the public (victims/witnesses) and enjoy being able to provide advice/guidance to ensure that the best possible resolution is achieved for them.  I enjoy managing my own workload and working on my own initiative. 

As a Police Investigation Officer you need to be flexible, organised, self-motivated and most of all approachable. You need to be able to work on your own and also as part of a team.

You can face many challenges as no two days are the same. You need to think on your feet and be confident in making the right decisions.

My proudest moment to date as a Police Investigation Officer would be whilst investigating a fraud related incident when it became apparent, through my investigation, that the funds which had been credited back into the victim’s account had been underpaid by a large amount. Due to a thorough investigation and accurate recording of details the victim, an elderly woman, was credited with the outstanding monies.

The day I received the phone call from her to thank me for my help and assistance and for taking the time to go the extra mile, was one of the proudest moments I have had as a Police Investigation Officer.

I get great satisfaction knowing that the service I have provided has helped  victims of crime to achieve the best possible outcome for them. Anyone looking to become a Police Investigation Officer will find the role challenging and extremely interesting as no two incidents are the same. I feel being a Police Investigation Officer and working for Nottinghamshire Police is not just a job,  it is a very rewarding career.