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Emergency Planning: Preparing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

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The Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Local Resilience Forum is the management group for the co-ordination of emergency planning within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

The Forum meets regularly, is led by Nottinghamshire Police, and is made up of senior managers from the principal emergency planning and response organisations.

Local Resilience Forum (LRF)

Strategic aim

The strategic aim of the Local Resilience Forum is to:

"To establish and maintain effective multi-agency arrangements to respond to major emergencies, to minimise the impact of those emergencies on the public, property and environment of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, and to satisfy fully the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act."


The Local Resilience Forum's specific objectives are to:

  • Agree on joint strategic and policy approaches relating to Nottingham & Nottinghamshire's preparedness and response;
  • Approve the Community Risk Register, and ensure it provides a robust basis for planning;
  • Ensure that appropriate multi-agency plans, procedures, training and exercises are in place, and outstanding gaps identified.
  • To direct and oversee the activities of working groups as they are established and allocate tasks to them as appropriate.
  • Receive reports from the working groups on current threat levels, gaps in planning and progress on actions tasked;
  • Ensure that appropriate resources are made available to working groups to fulfil statutory and task-based responsibilities;
  • Co-ordinate the individual approaches and responsibilities of each organisation to ensure that they complement each other and dovetail with partners' arrangements;
  • Consider the implications of legislation, national initiatives and decisions of the Regional Resilience Forum for the Local Resilience Forum area.

The purpose of the LRF process is to ensure effective multi-agency collaboration in delivery of duties under the Act. In particular, the LRF process should deliver:

1. The compilation and publication of  a Community Risk Register agreed risk profiles for the area, through a:

2. A systematic, planned and co-ordinated approach to encourage Category 1 responders, according to their functions, to address all aspects of policy in relation to:

  • Risk;
  • Planning for emergencies;
  • Planning for business continuity management;
  • Publishing information about risk assessments  and plans;
  • Arrangements to warn and inform the public; and;
  • Other aspects of the civil protection duty, including the promotion of business continuity management by local authorities; and

3. Support for the preparation by all or some of its members of multi-agency plans and other documents, including protocols and agreements and the co-ordination of multi-agency exercises and other training events.

4. Encourage and enhance resilience in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Community Risk Register

The importance of risk assessment is emphasised by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA) which places a legal duty on those responding to an emergency to undertake risk assessments and maintain them in a Community Risk Register.

The main purpose of the Community Risk Register is to inform the local community about some of the hazards we face, and the relative likelihood and impact of such events happening.

To read or download the register see the documents section at the bottom of this page.The register is also used by emergency planners to ensure that the plans that are developed are proportionate to the risk. The Community Risk Register does not cover all eventualities, nor does it suggest that a particular scenario will occur.

The aim of the Community Risk Register is to provide an awareness of risk so we can all work together to help prevent the risk occurring, and to and plan for the emergency should it happen.

Should you require the Community Risk Register in hard copy, large print, Braille or other languages, please email: Local.resilienceforum@nottscc.gov.uk  to indicate your requirements.

LRF Privacy Statement

The LRF has a privacy notice which explains how the organisations which make up the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Local Resilience Forum (the LRF) use your data in connection with emergency response and recovery. Your data may be collected, processed and stored by any of these organisations, and shared with other LRF member organisations to respond to, and recover from emergencies.

To read the full document, click on the privacy notice link, below.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) enquiries during the Coronavirus outbreak

The agencies that make up the Local Resilience Forum (LRF) are working together to provide a response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Where there is a requirement for frontline workers to wear PPE, as directed in the government guidance, this is being coordinated through the LRF. All enquiries relating to this should be emailed to lrf-ppe@nottscc.gov.uk

If any business, community group or individual feels that they can supply PPE to the LRF, details of this should be emailed to lrf-ppe@nottscc.gov.uk

For information about how to protect yourself and your family from the Coronavirus, please refer to the guidance on the gov.uk website.

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